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Default Music

Biography for
A.R. Rahman

Birth name
A.S. Dileep Kumar

The Mozart of Madras
Isai Puyal

Mini biography
Allah Rakha Rahman was born A.S. Dileep Kumar on January 6, 1966, in Madras (now Chennai), India, to a musically affluent family. Dileep started learning the piano at the age of 4, and at the age of 9, his father passed away. Since the pressure of supporting his family fell on him, he joined Ilayaraja's troupe as a keyboard player at the age of 11. He dropped out of school as a result of this and traveled all around the world with various orchestras.

He accompanied the great tabla maestro Zakir Hussain on a few world tours and also won a scholarship at the Trinity College of Music at Oxford University, where he studied Western classical music and obtained a degree in music. Due to some personal crisis, Dileep Kumar embraced Islam and came to be known as A.R. Rahman. In 1987, he moved to advertising, where he composed more than 300 jingles over 5 years. In 1989, he started a small studio called Panchathan Record Inn, which later developed into one of the most well-equipped and advanced sound recording studios in India.

At an advertising awards function, Rahman met one of India's most famous directors, Mani Ratnam. Rahman played him a few of his music samples. Mani loved them so much that he asked Rahman to compose the music for his next film, Roja (1992). The rest, as they say, is history. He went on to compose several great hits for Tamil-language films before composing the score and songs for his first Hindi-language film, Rangeela (1995). The enormous success of his first Hindi venture was followed by the chart-topping soundtrack albums of films such as Albeli Mumbai (1931) , Dil Se.. (1998), Taal (1999), Zubeidaa (2001), and Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001), which was nominated for best foreign-language film at the 2002 Academy Awards.

More recently, he worked with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Shekhar Kapur (director of Elizabeth (1998)) on a musical called "Bombay Dreams." At 36 years old, A.R. Rahman has revolutionized Indian film music and one can only expect this musical genius to reach greater heights.

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Default Re: Music

Alright dude, it was somewhat funny the first time and mildly weird the second, but now it's just getting annoying. This reeks of spam, a bit like your first thread, but at least in that one you pretended to want to discuss things. Unless you've got something meaningful to contribue, kindly stop posting.

"Damn, a security crate!"

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Default Re: Music

Yeah this looks like shameless self-promotion spam, and it doesn't even make sense to have it on this forum of all places.

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Cool Re: Music

Hay have any of you guys heard any Mannheim steamroller he has a cd for each and every holiday you can check him out at mannheimsteamroller.com. I did not know about him until
One of my co workers at ungd told me about him its kind of cool
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Cool Re: Music

Damned, a casual spammer again
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Default Re: Music

Atleast they are recycling threads.

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