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Default klingon crates

I have 4 crates and I thought the 5th was with the attraxians but it isn't? Did I do something to glitch it up?
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Default Re: klingon crates

You are talking about the crates that sink into the ground when you "use" them, aren't you?
The first one is in the room that can be entered when you move through the ventilation.
When you go along the sewage you will encounter one of the middle sized exomorphs. After you killed it a small exomorph breaks through the wall. Now you can shoot through the second wall and you can go into a secret room where you find the second crate.
After you opened the gate you can find the third crate in the junction opposite to the gate control room.
Now you move on into the next room. There the fourth crate lies in the water just below the entrance to this room.
The fifth crate is last room before you reach the Attrexians.
Now you get a message that a door has opened elsewhere.
Go back into the room where you found the fourth crate. There in a dark corner you can find the entrance to a secret room.
But you should be very careful when you go in there.
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Default Re: klingon crates

I won't tell you what happens, but the reward is great!

End Transmission.
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