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Default CZ: Deleted Scenes bug

there are certain terrorists that are stuck in the ground...(from waist down is stuck in the ground)... and so those t's cant run or move, they dont even shoot, just make noice and run in place, so now this mission that i am on i cant pass due to the terrorist not being able to move, i guess that terrorist needs to run into the room im in for the mission to continue.. anyone know how to fix this error so i can move on to the next missions pls?

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Default Re: CZ: Deleted Scenes bug

I have a feeling you will just have to restart the level from the beginning. Unless you have already tried it a few times...

Which mission by the way? ... and where??

Cheers for now
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Default Re: CZ: Deleted Scenes bug

if you cannot pass it by any means you can open up console and type

cl_levellocks 16382

this will unlock all of the levels and if you tell us which mission you are getting this glitch on, we can tell you what the next mission is so you can proceed through the game
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