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Default \"fps 2\" numbers

Just wondering if anyone (maybe someone from Ritual?) knows what the numbers shown from the "fps 2" command mean?

I know this much:
et - # of tris used by entities?
etwp - above tris, but including shader passes that may multiple an entities triscount.
etv - # of entity verts
[ I know models are definitely counted in here, but maybe it also encompasses other entities like script_objects?]
wt - # of world tris?
wtwp - similar to above, except world tris and its shader passes
wv - # of world verts
[I guess 'world' might include brushes/patches]
sprt - number of triangles used by sprites
sprtwp - # of tris with shader passes
sprtv - # of verts used by sprites
[just in case someone doesn't know, sprites are effects like water splashes, sparks, sun flares, etc]
t - total number of triangles [all the above numbers added, plus any tris used for UI stuff]
twp - total triangles with passes [+ UI stuff]
v - total number of vertices [+ UI stuff]

Anyone have any idea what the other number could mean? And how they might relate to map performance?
Is the above info correct?

The other numbers left to explain:
Mtex [something to do with texture memory?]

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Default Re: \"fps 2\" numbers

GMU = Graphical Memory Used, I think.
MTex = Number of MegaTexels outputted.
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