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Post Map announcement: Schiessstand

Today I wana present my first EF2 Multiplayer-Scripting Map.
I call this map MP-Scripting map, becouse of it's features wich are desigend also for multiplayer.

Map features:
This map will have 10 consoles, at each console a enemy gets spawned and begins to attack you, at the same Moment you get health and Armory as well as a Weapon and Ammo.

At the moment only the left side consoles are working correctly, the right site consoles are only for testing. The map will have 10 different types of enemys and you can try out all MP ef2 weapons. The Gravity and Nature(the room) will change for each modus, but this will come at the end, also does the lightning.

Bot support:
There won't be bot support, since it woud be stupid to play this map with bots.

The map provides new:
Textures (almost selfmade)
Sounds(token from AII).


Every comment is welcome, also critism, but first you need to know that the map is not finished yet. Things i'm working on are:
- Console 2 (spawn something else, not this Romulan Informant again)
- Console 6 to Console 10 (Features liek on the left side consoles, plus each console gets its own display texture)
- Change efects, objects just get shown and hidden or removed, there are no fade effects atm, they will also come at the end.

If you can't find the pk3-file your windows or browser did maybe rename it to schiessstand.zip, please rename this file again to schiessstand.pk3

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