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Default SiN Episodes: Emergence interview!

Well, we are getting started here. The bull that his hype rears up on it's hind legs, in a buildup to a rampage that shall leave all your butts pierced with its informative horns! Have at you knaves, and learn more of the new nectar currently brewing in the vats of the Ritual Tribe from this nifty GameCloud interview!

SNIPPET TIME! - Levelord speaks of how it all came to be:

<blockquote>Gamecloud - How did the idea come about to create a new SiN game in episodic format?

Levelord - Itís not really one of those pin-pointed ideas that sprung up one day. Iíve heard developers talk about this paradigm, in various versions, many times over many years. When you think about it, shareware (followed by add-ons) is a sort of episodic format of delivery.</blockquote>

Read, god dammit, read! Be enticed, tantalized, seduced by the frothy, juicy, refreshing ideas contained within this article! Sin is finally bloody back! Tell a friend! Tell two!
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Default Re: SiN Episodes: Emergence interview!

You guys are just getting interviewed all over the place!
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Default Re: SiN Episodes: Emergence interview!

For me, the timing is perfect. I've just finished my school examinations and am preparing for college. So I have freetime all the way up to September. Also I will probably be getting a new computer regardless, the fact this SiN Episodes has been announced just makes everything whole lot better. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]
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