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DrWoo McM
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Default Support Sin - Help Needed

Sin boys and girls Dr.Woo! is looking for some help. For those who remember Maple Nut Crunch we had some good times with Sin Death Matches, for those of you that donít remember it. Maplenutcrunch.com was a Sin Clan website and Sin game server. In case your wondering where the ďMaple Nut CrunchĒ reference comes from, well Iím sorry to disappoint that it doesnít come from the Sin Universe (But perhaps Ritual could be persuaded to make a subtle reference in the new game, maybe a box of Maple Nut Crunch lying around? <wink> <wink> wishful thinking.).

Assuming that Sin Episodes will support Multi-player I will be re-launching Maple Nut Crunch (MNC) Late this summer. Maple Nut Crunch will be dedicated to Sin Multiplayer, here is a run down of the features Iím planning on supporting:

-Sin Multiplayer News
-Clan directory with
Clan Members
Game Server
Skin Pack
Blogs (possible)
-Clan match scheduling system
Clan Ranking (Stats if possible)
-Skins, Maps, recorded games repository
-Forums (General, Clans, etc.)
-Tourney Scheduling with results
More to come.

So with all this being said Iím back to the part where I ask for help. While Iím an application developer by trade Iím a bit autistic when it comes to the artistic stuff. So Iím looking for someone that can design the Maple Nut Crunch site. I know there are a lot of talented people out there in the graphic design space Iím not just one of them, so lend a hand to a fellow sinner who wants to help the community.

I look forward to contributing to one of the best gaming communities out there.


PM me if you are interested.
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