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Default 25 to Life preview on Gaming Horizon

Oh man, with all this excitement about Sin Episodes, I am clearly feeling far too heady and have totally forgotten that god damn 25 to Life news needs posting too! Badman's gonna put me in the box again, and this time I won't come out for a week!
<blockquote>Multiplayer offers several match options, including quick match (where you find the first available match or host a match if there isn’t one), find match (locate a match based on your criteria), and host match. You can customize your “character” by visiting the customization screen and selecting a template for either cop or gangster and then creating a “loadout”, i.e. a weapons pack, for each. You get four selections to modify – melee, secondary, primary, and grenade – and a ton of weapons to choose from. Your typical vehicles of death are here: hammers, pipebombs, broken bottles, 9mm autos, AKs, shotguns (tactical, sawed-off, short barrel, etc.), 44 magnums, SWAT sniper rifles, concussion/smoke/frag grenades, and so on. There’s a huge selection of guns that I won’t waste your time with, suffice to say that when you shoot people with them, they die, and it’s probably illegal to own some of them in certain states.</blockquote>

Good lord, click here before he notices that people are reading this without it being posted on the site! It's a very thorough preview of the game's multiplayer, and like many others, compares it to SOCOM.
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