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Default Levelord.com Update!

Looks like Levelord got into the vodka again, as he's posted a heafty update. In it, he talks about Sin Episodes and Charles Dickens, of all things. Check it out:
Episodic publishing was also more suitable to Dickens' readers because most of them couldn't find the time to read an entire book. The paced delivery of a series of episodes, though, was more accommodating to their working class schedules.

Dickens uniquely added one more advantage to his publishing model which I thought was interesting. While there were a few other novelists writing in serial fashion at the time, Dickens was the only one who wrote his chapters AS they were published. The others wrote the entire story before publishing the work in sections. Dickens always felt closely tied to his audience and he was keen to listen to their feedback. He used this feedback to guide future installments, ...which is exactly our plan for SiN Episodes.
So really, Levelord does a good job of comparing the idea behind the Sin Episodes to Dickens. Anyway, you can check out the update on Levelord's site. Enjoy!
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Default Re: Levelord.com Update!

This has been on his site for a while, still interesting.
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