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Default Why there aren\'t commands to Jessica?

I'm new here.

Just some idea.
I think there were henchman commands in HL2. Why there aren't in Sin:E?

It is nice if I can send commands to Jessica like

1. Change your weapon.
TAB+1 to let her equip magnam. Tab+2 and Tab+3 for machine gun and shot gun respectively.
While equipping the magnam, she fights relatively close with you. When equipped with machine gun, she gives supressing fire from relatively far place while you are charging to enemies with shotgun. In case she has shotgun,vice versa.

2. Give me ammo.
TAB+primary fire let her pass your ammo of primary fire you are currently using. Also applied to secondary fire. This will let her act co-operatively.

3. Blow them off
Shift+Secondary fire or Shift+grenade will let her use respective weapons.

With commands, Blade acts more commander like and Jessica works more life-like, not an AI.


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Default Re: Why there aren\'t commands to Jessica?

Once you learn the NPC and weapon entity names you can have a lot of fun throughout the game, second time through, just for kicks.

Open the console and enter these commands in this order:
sv_cheats 1
npc_create_equipment weapon_npc_pistol
npc_create npc_Jessica

Make sure you're looking at a spot where Jessica can spawn.

Rather twisted but you can also spawn her with a gun in her, um, tail:
npc_create_equipment weapon_magnum
(But that's all wrong.)
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