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Default Bring back the funny/sarcastic banter from SiN 1

I love Episode 1, I really do, I disagree with all the complaints about it EXCEPT for the banter issue.

In SiN 1 JC and Blade had dialogue where they constantly made fun of each other. In Emergence it feels like both JC and Blade have been lobotomised and they have had shock treatment to remove the humour from their brains.

And yes the injection argument is laughable. (Blade is very clear and more than well enough to speak with his sentences like 'I know you're listening, Jessica.")

The lack of the banter is due to poor creativity with designers more intent on level design than atmosphere and SiN immersion.

Please bring it back in future Episodes. Don't give a damn about Jessica.
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Default Re: Bring back the ...

According to the latest blog on SiNEpisodes.com, there will be more Blade on Episode 2.

And hell, maybe Ritual will make SiN Episodes: Emergence - ReBladed edition someday? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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Default Re: Bring back the ...

You might want to check out my voice pack for Emergence, which is released today.
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Default Re: Bring back the ...

Post Deleted!
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