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Default Some technical Tips

Update ur vga drivers from the correct manufactor or vendor of ur graphics card (please note latist drivers are not allways the best for your cards performance in games) how ever most of the time it is needed,

update ur sound drivers again follow the above procedure,

chipset drivers must be updated to lateist drivers, as they control the communication of data between the north and south bridge cpu and memorey ( and VGA)

i've had Sin 2 a day and noticed with v-sync off i tend to get much more lag and sound glitchs then with it on, so i would recommend haveing v-sync on, but i allways have it on anyways due to technical reasons,

Also if u have a friend or some who does pcs near u or would help u ask them to fine tune ur BIOS that is the key to ur overall system perfromance this is often overlooked when building pcs, but not with me, i built my own system so i know what i'm talking about. but get someone to fine tune who knows what they are doing.

other then that have fun playing and wait for the first patch witch will fix most bugs that ur getting.
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