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Default Sin [Steam Version] Widescreen

First of all ... Hi.

Apparently I have been a member for a very long time and didn't remember it. The system says I last visited on 2000 ... it has certainly been a while.

I was LMAO reading my older posts. I was younger, english is my second language, and it was apparently one of my first experiences posting on a forum ... it was pretty much a disaster [Poor old Mr. Grammar].

I bought Sin Episode 1 Emergence [Retail]. The game is a blast and the new Arena Mode is a nice welcome.

On to the topic ...

I have a widescreen monitor. By defeault Sin doesn't support widescreen resolutions. I remember reading something about Ritual working on a fix for the next patch. How is that coming along?

I found a page in the Widescreen Gaming Forum that talks about running Quake II in widescreen. Since Sin is based on the Quake II engine ... will this work?


It's not that big of an issue cause I finished both Sin and Wage of Sin back in the day, but it would be nice to re-play them. It doesnt look very good when stretched though.

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Default Re: Sin [Steam Version] Widescreen

I did hear some musings about adding widescreen support into SiN in time, but these were just musings and haven't been confirmed.


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Default Re: Sin [Steam Version] Widescreen

Ritual is working on implementing 1280x1024. I'm not sure if there any other planned resolutions.

Related, I've got a widescreen monitor as well and it has a setting for using the standard 4:3 / 5:4 aspect ratio for non-WS resolutions instead of automatically stretching them (so you basically get black bars on both sides of the image).

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