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Ritualistic Test of the new comment system

Hey, if anyone has a couple of seconds, can you head over to the news comments forum and give the latest thread a reply? No need for everyone to do this, but it's the first live test of our revised news posting system, which is supposed to add a thread for every news item, so you can comment on articles, give feedback, that sort of thing. No one has posted on it yet, so I wanted to make sure it actually works, heh.

We'll also be adding back in the comment counters to the main page, so you can see if anyone is commenting on the news items we post (not likely! haw haw)

Also, in case anyone is interested, there are some new thread icons for you to use, including icons of most of Ritual's games and a few others. So, added value for everyone! Hooray 16x16 icons! (although I need to find a new one for Black Hawk Down, that chopper is just too hard to make out)

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Default Re: Test of the new comment system

A very good read, seems like Texas is the place to go for game developers, and presidents.

There is a connection there I'm sure.

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