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Ritual Entertainment MumboJumbo on Future of Ritual, SiN Episodes

GameDaily BIZ managed to get ahold of MumboJumbo's prime minister Mark Cottam to shed some light on the reasons for the acquisition of Ritual Entertainment and what their plans are for the company:
...having an experienced and disciplined developer like Ritual [...] allows us to increase the amount of original IP that we can bring to the market at any given time period. So the primary reason [for the deal] is to expand our resources so that we can better exploit our IP that we have and to create new IP for the casual games market."
There's also this rather disappointing bit about the future of the SiN Episodes series:
"If there's an opportunity to have them do something on the SiN episodes, we would look at that, but that will not be the focus of the company. The combined companies will focus exclusively on casual, unless opportunities present themselves that we think are strategic from a business standpoint... Again, I wouldn't close the door on [traditional games] but that's not the primary focus."
Captain Cottam also mentions that newfangled services like Xbox Live Arcade would among the target platforms for the studio and if that service's present line-up is anything to go on, expect small, but nonetheless action-packed, releases to come out of the Ritual Cave. Click here to read the entire interview.

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Default Re: MumboJumbo on Future of Ritual, SiN Episodes

So basically what you're, or rather MumboJumbo, is saying that those folks, like myself, that bought into Sin episodes are screwed in having only 1/9th of a complete game. The terms "not closing the door" and "not our primary focus" simply mean that we aren't likely to see Sin episodes concluded. Letting us down easy if you will. At the very least we should get the multiplayer portion that was promised. Very disappointing at best. Well, good luck to Ritual. I hope you guys can stomach the fluff you're going to have to start producing.
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Default Re: MumboJumbo on Future of Ritual, SiN Episodes

This realy does suck. I really really hope they finish the multiplayer at least...or sell the rights to someone else to continue it along the same lines. Would be very very annoying if the left it where it is, they must have done a fair amount of work already on the multiplayer, so I do hope they finish it off and release it, as a final thank you to us fans
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