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Default Bugs in v1.12 [spoilers]

Since a new patch is being worked on, I figured I'd mention some bugs (including game stopping bugs) in single player levels that haven't been fixed ever since 1.03 as far as I can remember (which is what I played back in 1999).

1) In Darwin Chambers (Containment Area 57): if you have drained the water tank by destroying the pumps in Geothermal Plant, you can exit the tank to go to the recycler (Biomass Reclamation) from Chamber 2. However, when you return from that map and are supposed to go to Chamber 3, the Dark Captains point you to Chamber 1 instead. The pipe to Chamber 1 will not rotate though, and the door to Chamber 3 will not open. The only way to proceed is to use the "noclip" cheat to go past the door to Chamber 3.

2) It seems impossible (from what I could tell) the complete the secondary objective (Avoid Security) on Sintek Chemical Plant map; while it is possible to make sure no one reaches the alarm; the scientist with the key to U4 storage still activates it upon seeing you, even without pulling any handles. It is possible, upon seeing him, to run quickly to the point where he appears (past the security passage) and kill him and the guards with him before the alarm sounds, but the alarm still sounds immediately afterwards.

3) In Freeport City Dam, I had one playthrough where I destroyed all the U4 containers, yet the secondary objective (Locate and destroy all Sintek chemical drums) was failed; and at least one playthrough where I did not destroy all of them, yet the secondary objective was completed.

4) In Geothermal Plant, there are three primary objectives (Breach security level 1, 2, and 3). After completing the first two, you can go to Geothermal Substation and return from there to complete Objective 3. However, upon exiting the level, Objectives 1 and 2 will register as failed (even though completed earlier).

5) If you faithfully collect all the weapon parts in the game, you will complete the Pulse Rifle in Sintek Warehouse. However, the weapon will be "confiscated" by the time you are done with it (going to Missile Silo, or to Freeport Sewers). Judging by the walkthroughs, if you did not collect the parts, you can find them throughout Hidden Docks and Geothermal Plant to assemble the weapon. However, if you did collect all parts by Sintek Warehouse, there will be no more parts in the later maps, which means that the Pulse Rifle cannot be obtained again until Thrall's Pit, where you get the complete weapon. It would have made more sense if the parts were always there, regardless of whether the player has the weapon or not (and could be picked up for some extra ammo if the player does).

6) Spear Gun is not bound to any key by default. (?)

7) (Sound system related) In Sintek Chemical Plant, the volume of noise from the mixer at the center results in some very nasty clipping artifacts.

Then -- the below are not really bugs but the differences with prior versions that I noticed.

i) Rebreather unit appears to be unlimited usage now, so long as it is not confiscated from the player on map exit. I recall that in earlier versions, it only lasted a set amount of time; this made the Underwater Passage: Part 2 level a lot more interesting to play because you actually had to use those air bubbles if you wasted your rebreather earlier.

ii) All weapons work underwater; I could be mistaken here, but I *think* there was a version where only the Spear Gun and melee worked underwater, not the firearms. This made (or would have made) more sence. I might be confusing this with some other game though.

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Default Re: Bugs in v1.12 [spoilers]

number 2 isn't a bug that is supposed to happen.
why they would still ad the objective i really don't know- But long story short nope it's not a bug

Was that me?!?
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Default Re: Bugs in v1.12 [spoilers]

Originally Posted by Pa3PyX View Post
Since a new patch is being worked on, I figured I'd mention some bugs (including game stopping bugs) in single player levels that haven't been fixed ever since 1.03 as far as I can remember (which is what I played back in 1999).
Add to this that there are at least three areas in the game here you shouldn't save. If you do, when you re-load the save the game will never leave the main menu. You can quit the game if you remember the proper sequence of keys to get to the Quit option, but you won't be able to see what's happening on the screen.

It's been a while, so I remember two of the locations perfectly, but I'm not sure about the third.

1. SinTEK Warehouse - After you kill the foreman, break the windows and jump down into the furnace room, there's a security door to the right that leads back to the main part of the building. Saving anywhere near this door, either in the furnace room or on the other side of it will trigger the bug.

2. Jungle Pass Part 2 - Near the start of the level, you'll come to an area where you're at one end of a small canyon and there are two Vultorns waiting at the other end. When you start to move toward them, large boulders fall from above. Saving in this area will trigger the bug.

3. Jungle Pass Part 2 - (I'm not 100% sure that I have the right area) At the end of the level, you'll have to follow some narrow rock ledges to get to the exit, some of which collapse as you walk on them. Saving in this area will trigger the bug.

Also, I should mention that the first time I played the game, the Beta Station in the first Jungle Pass level looked like it had been blown up, with parts all over the place. Not only that, but I could hear a gun turret shooting at me, but I couldn't find it. I think I re-played the level and everything was normal.
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