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Lightbulb How to open the game console

To open up the game console you need the have a full copy of ST:EF2, this will not work with the demo.

Try one of the following keys to access the console, since it is depending of your keyboard language which one will work for you: ^ or or or or @ or < or ~ or '

You can use the console to manually bind commands to a key:
bind k kill //Use this to kill your self if you get stuck
bind r reconnect //Use this function to reconnect to the last server
bind d disconnect //Use this function to disconnect from the server
bind q quit //Use this function to fast quit the game

You can also use commands to fix small problems such as vid_restart to apply the new display settings without restarting the entire game.

The game offers much more commands
you can get the full list of commands by using the command cmd_list.
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