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Icculus LoK
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Default Re: Make Unlimited money while online.

careful apex.. in a place like this it tends to be illegal to do what your doing ... solicitation or osmehting like that heh

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Default Make Unlimited money while online.

This is not limited to 40hours per month. make money while writing email, chatting, or posting. Even while fragging... As long as you are online. You have nothing to lose, check it out. Click on the link below, and please make sure that my id is correct if you do choose to sign up so that I may receive credit for it. ($.10 per hour you use)...I know of other's who have received $160 checks....I would like some of that, wouldn't you?

Remember, my id is Apex(pod)

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Levelord Groupie
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Default Re: Make Unlimited money while online.

Actually I have a friend at one of my jobs (i got way to many of them.. jobs that is.. not nearly enough friends.. anyway...) anyway she is using a different one, it limits you to aroung 30 hours a month, BUT she has this little crack program that makes it so she does Not have to be on-line and using her computer to use it. most of these programs will only tally up hours when you are on your computer and are "active".. her little "crack" mearly keeps the computer "active" when you are not on it.. so she just needs to leave the computer on and that running all night for like 2 nights a month and thats all...

although she didnt trust the thing AT FIRST, then quite a few months after she first started it she got a check in the mail.. she didnt believe it.. but it is true! i dont recall how much exactally she got, but i think her first one was around $70 or something... but hell, ITS FREE $$$$!!!!

i got the addy around here somewhere for it, and i was gonna look into it.. but havent yet... anyone else ever used things like this (these make $$ while you surf thangs?) and how did it work out?? are they FOR REAL?!? did a lot of Mail-Junk-Mail pop up after you signed up? or what about E-Mail-Junk-Mail???

also, just how much information about who you REALLY are do you have to give to these places?? I mean besides the address you want to ship the $$$ to, and your e-mail, and possibly your "real name"??? anything else? phone number? house hold income? hobbies? etc....

but hell,, free money is <u>ALWAYS</u> good!

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Default Re: Make Unlimited money while online.

I never much trusted these deals, and I probably never will.
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