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Default Sin Console

Does anyone have the console cammands for sin. I tried the q2 console list and some of the commands wouldnt work can someone post it here or give me a link for it.
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Default Re: Sin Console

The only thing I know to do is type "cvarlist" in the console and it will list all the commands. I was hoping you could also log them to a file like you can do in Half-Life but I couldn't figure out how. If you want to look at specific commands you can type "cvarlist cl" and it will show all the commands that begin with cl. Good luck.
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Default Re: Sin Console

a older cvar list is here:


to get a list of console commands do this.

start sin
bring up console
type: cmdlist
type: condump list

close sin.

now look in your sin base folder. there will
be a file called list.txt ot list.log

open that with notepad

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Default Re: Sin Console

set logfile 1

and a file named qconsole.log will appear in your sin\base folder
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Default Re: Sin Console

/spawn thrall
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