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Default are ya...*CHICKEN*?!?

hmm... well, seems like dm'ers got their way with the last tourney being dm, now the next one is gonna be dm again? (bassmod) maybe the players who keep saying dm is the only real skill BS are worried they won't do so well in a ctf match? SiN ctf is the best multi player game ever. period. so what's up?
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Default Re: are ya...*CHICKEN*?!?

More like:
LPB game
Quad Thrallball game

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Default Re: are ya...*CHICKEN*?!?

The main reason that a CTF tourney isn't going to happen is the lack of teams. I don't think there are any clans that would participate, and pickup CTF is really NOT fun, at least for me.

If we could pull it off, I would love to participate. I still stand by my word that being good in DM shows more skill than being good in CTF because in CTF if your team sucks and you are really good, the other team will probably beat you. Team games almost never depend on an individual, they depend on a team. There may be some rare incident in which a one man team can beat a team with lots of players, but that is rare. Team-oriented games can't be used to boast individual skill, its just how it works. If you are judging clan ranking and skill, then that is a different subject.

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