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Default Scripted Sequences?

How do you get a chem female to talk to another character. Or make them walk across the hall.

In other words how do you make them do selected movements or actions?
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Default Re: Scripted Sequences?

Ummm, scripting the AI to do stuff is probably one of the hardest and most frustrating things to do in this game . The concepts are simple, but getting the little bastards to do what you tell them to can be a real SOB at times .

First off, you need to place ai_pathnodes all around your level to help the AI to get around properly. You can also give these ai_pathnodes targetnames, and in script, tell certain AI characters to go to these pathodes. One thing you can do to look into AI scripting is to check out the level scripts that came with the game (the AI scripting is done in the same script file as the level stuff). From what I can tell most of the Ritual studs have an AI section at the bottom of their script file that you can search for and look at. Zied and myself did this, so just open up a script file and search for the text 'AI' and you should find something.

Also, another handy point of reference that came with the game is in the sin/base/globals folder there's a file called baseai.scr. In this script file is a bunch of comments with AI commands and such right in there (it was a big reference for me while programming AI). Just don't change anything in the file that's not commented.

This is probably the one most complex aspect of SP level design in SiN. Lemme talk with my boss and Ritual and perhaps we can release one of our .map files for you guys to look into. The easiest way to figure this stuff out is either by someone there teaching you, or with a reference to look at as an example . No promises of course, but lemme talk with guys and see what they say.

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