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Default People get stuck in teleport in DM but not in SP please help.

First I have searched this forum on the word teleport and have read the threads and they do not answer my question. If it is in this forum please say so and don't bother answering it again here, I will just keep looking till I find it.

I had a map with 5 teleports when played locally in SP they worked fine. However when played online in MP people would get stuck in the teleport. From the stuck players view he was still by the teleport suffering a rubberband effect when he moved
(I know this sounds like lag but the level was not otherwise lagged out)
To other players the stuck player would appear at TP destination and could be killed but player that was stuck would still remain stuck.
Joker suggested that it might be that 5 teleports is too many so I reduced it to 2 and the problem pretty much went away during 2 person testing but occurs intermittently when we tested with about 5 players or so.

There are two factors that I can think of that might be important. First the teleports are in rooms that are completely separated by the void from the area where the destination is located. Two I noticed in a post in this forum that Eutectic said you must make a brush first then turn into teleport destination. I just put the entity in and it seems to have a brush with it i.e. I can size it and even make it visible by checking the visible spawnflag. Just curious if anyone can help here.
Again if this has already been discussed her just let me know and I will keep looking till I find it.
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Default Re: People get stuck in teleport in DM but not in SP please help.


You must be mistaken. I never said that the teleport destination has to be made from a brush because it doesn't. It's a point class entity - no brush - all the game needs is a location in space to know where to respawn the player.

The misc_teleport entity (the teleporter itself), now that must be a solid. The reason is that it's like a trigger. It has to be touched by the player to activate. So it has to occupy a volume in space right?

How else would the game know who to teleport?
That's why it HAS to be a solid class entity.

A point class entity is NOT solid by definition and can't be touched by the player. It's just a location in space, an XYZ coordinate IOW.

Now what must be happening in your case could be caused by a strange bug I noticed in SinEd. Sometimes when you insert a point entity which doesn't require a brush, the editor will insert a brush the same size as the bouding box at exactly the same location.

If you don't pay close attention, it's very easy to miss it and I was confused by this when it first happened to me.

If this is what happened in your case, then that would explain why the players get stuck in the teleporter destination: they actually spawn in a solid and can't move.

A way that this can be determined is by turning developer mode to 1 before using the teleporter. If you get a "Bad initial snap position" message when you respawn, that means you're somehow stuck in the world's geometry.

Other than that, I can't see any reason for the players to get stuck in a teleporter unless the teleport destination entity is too close to a wall or floor.

One way to tell if an entity is point class or solid class is to try to resize it after you insert it. POint class entites are fixed size and can't be resized. And one way to tell if a you got the brush bug when your create a point entity is to try and move it a bit. If there's a brush at the same place, you'll see it right away.

Then you just delete the brush.
The Node

The official Sin entities and scripting reference site

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Default Re: People get stuck in teleport in DM but not in SP please help.

Opps I said destination when I meant teleporter itself. Sorry I will check and see if the bug you mentioned is occuring.
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