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Default WOSCTF Question

I remember reading on a thread about hoverbike flags (team blue or red). Is this neccesary to set? I don't want to restrict hoverbike usage by base. If you don't use the new cpp/entity will it crash? (so far I haven't had any problems testing it w/out the team flags set)

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Default Re: WOSCTF Question

Question 1:

No, spawnflags for the hoverbikes like all spawnflags for any entity in any Quake and Quake2 based games are options. You don't have to set them. They are provided in the entity's source code to give you additional capabilities and possibilities on how your entity will behave or react in the game, that's all

Question no. 2

If you don't use the new cpp/entity will it crash?

Will what crash?.. The game or the editor?... Sorry if this sounds like rant but I long for the day when you guys will be willing to type a few extra words or sentences to make your questions clearer. If that can reassure you, I regularly type long posts and I never got blisters on my fingers because of it

Now back to question. The answer is: neither.

The only consequence of using the wrong .cpp entity definition file for the type of map you are currently editing will be that some of the game's entities will be missing from the entity menu. Or if you use a WOS .cpp file for making regular Sin maps, you will have entities in the menu that can't spawn in the game.

Being tidy about your project files and the location of your models, textures, etc. folders, you can easily avoid these kind of mixups. Understanding how the game and the map editor works also helps

The Node

The official Sin entities and scripting reference site
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