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Default Heavy Metal is known for great art work,.. but will the game?

I just watched a trailer for the Braveheart game. It didn't show any shots from the actual gameplay, but the 3D animated movie was beautiful.

Games that have these little 3D animation movies are usually very impressive and wonderful to look at, but once in the actual game play, the graphics don't look as pretty.

When I first heard of a FAKK2 Heavy Metal game being made, I was hoping it would be made in an "isometric, top-down" view, similar to how Baldur's Gate looks.

As much as I'd love to see this game in 3D view, I am a sucker for eye-candy. Personaly I think eye-candy makes nearly half the game worth playing.

I love Heavy Metal for two obvious reasons - the storys and the artwork. I am confident that this game will have a great story line, but I'm worried on how it will look.

Personaly I have never been in awe of a 3D video game's graphics, except in the little animated 3D movies that go with them.

I'm wishing that this game will be the first I see that I can be in awe of. I think I've seen all of the pictures that have been on the net, and most of them are just average. Heavy Metal's eye-candy gameplay shouldn't be just average, it should be just like thoes little 3D animated movies.
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Default Re: Heavy Metal is known for great art work,.. but will the game?

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure the art in FAKK2 will be the best around. The last round of first person shooters imo haven't done much graphically, but if I recall correctly 2 of the best looking games were Unreal and Sin. Unreal's engine really made the graphics stand out (mainly the lighting), but Sin's good graphics were more texture based (again, my opinion). The 3rd person perspective will also look much more impressive than 1st person and isometric views (granted they don't REALLY botch the camera). Given that Sin's textures and skins were of so high quality, they'll only get better once they go hi-res 24bit color (thanks to the q3 engine).


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Default Re: Heavy Metal is known for great art work,.. but will the game?

Having seen in-game textures in person (as in 5 feet from the screen the game was running on ), I can guaran-damn-tee that the artwork thus far in FAKK2 will have you ignoring the game for a while . . .

The level of detail, texture complexity, and phenomenal artwork is frankly eye-popping. PTL that they didn't go with an isometric view - now if they'll just work it up so that the DM/MP version can be swapped to a first-person view . . .

This game alone will make your TNT2 32MB well worth the investment - it'll look like total crap on any of the current 3dfx chips when you slap up a side-by-side comparison.

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