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Default No!

I had been stuck for a while trying to killer the Tyler guy. So I did a search and got some useful advice about jumping up and hitting his chest and head - after 2 hours of firing at his guts *falls to floor sobbing with exhaustion*

But then I notice a little comment in one of the threads saying something about that once you kill him that is the end of the game! Noooo!

I have to say, when people kept saying how short the game was I thought they were exaggerating. I was wrong! So how long do I have to wait for Fakk3? lol

I really enjoyed this game, I liked everything from the scenery to the music. My only critisism (aside from the length) is how restricted Julie is in her movements. If I have a sword in my hand I'd like to be able to use it more freely. I'm not keen on the very limited combos. Aside from that I thought it was great - well I still have to kill Tyler so I will go do that now
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