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Default duplex, 1/2 dup, full ? ics , 10/100 nic & hub

duplex, 1/2 dup, full ? ics, 10/100 nic & hub

i upgraded my secondary computer from a 10 nic
card to a 10/100 card.

before upgrade i never had problems when using
internet with both, now when using both i
experience lag.slow often (not all the time)

transfer between two computers work fine (way better)

i believe it has something to do with duplex, half-duplex,
or full duplex. i have it set for auto detect (same as b4)
what should duplex be set to ?
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Default Re: duplex, 1/2 dup, full ? ics , 10/100 nic & hub

kamala, are both cards 10/100? Does it only happen with intense data sending over the internet? Have you checked speed test with both PC's at the same time? I am curious if your auto detect did not work and one is operating at 10, and also youi might have some collision on the hub.
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