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Default Using Q3 skins?

I'm curious if anybody has tried replacing the Julie model completely and using another player model designed for Q3. For example, using the fan-made Lara Croft model, the Harley Quinn one, or Tank Girl. Can this be done? Or is FAKK2 "locked" into the Julie model?

Using Lara Croft -- hmmm... maybe the FAKK2 mod community could make its own Tomb Raider sequels! =^)

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Default Re: Using Q3 skins?

Well, now that we have the 3dmax plugins, it's now possible! Someone just needs to change the tags (maybe a few other things, I dunno, I'm a little rusty with 3dmax and Q3).

And for the Lara Croft Q3 model, ummm I kinda hope not, since that model kinda sucks. I would rather take the julie model and change her to look more like Lara. It would be easier as well.

Also go here, for a post I made on that very subject .

Since I can't find enough people to help with it, I'm having to learn everything, even though my expertise is on textures and skins . I'm not bad at making Q3 levels, but not the best, lol.



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