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hello theres, well its true im goin to be doing a new single player mod for FAKK 2 (echo, echo...you know the rest)
you play as the PREDATOR and journey to foriegn planets to hunt and take your trophy.
I'm the only member of the team so far, sooo il need coders, skinners, mappers, sound editors, texturers, webmasters and modelers
the moves so far for the pred are the head slice, riping off the head and pulling out the spine...ewwwwww, jabs, combos, and weapons(blades on knuckles, spear, mounted lasers, disc, and some other goodies)
you journey to vietnam and encounter humans, that place with the ALIENS, home lands, space ships, and the future earth.
i tried to get people for this on Unreal tourney but no one answered so, guys dont let me down. this game has the abilities for this and if we try, we can pull it off.
well thanks for time.
sorry for the spelling and grammer...im rushing myself right now. LATA

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