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Default shadow question for ritual or anyone who might know

hey there =) I have a question as usual. In FAKK2 the only thing that casting shadows is actors, and alpa shadows right? My question is if there is a way to get the other models to cast shadows... like weapons, items etc? or is it only the actorclass that can do that? that´s it...thnx!

/sign nudels
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Default Re: shadow question for ritual or anyone who might know

Hmmm...since no one replied, I thought I'd give this thread some attention.

However, as I am not that experienced with casting shadows & stuff, I looked for an answer in any of the previous posts.

The only thing I could come up with is:

"Getting curves to cast shadows with Q3 was done by creating brushes inside of your curves with the chalk texture. I think the chalk texture may work slightly different with fakk2. (I need to check this one)
If indeed the option on the q3map.exe -light -patchshadows does work then it would save hell of lot of time"

Not quite what you were looking for, I'm afraid.

Anyone, plz ?
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