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Summary System Requirements
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: PC, PlayStation 2
PC Publisher: Novalogic
PS2 Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Engine: Black Hawk Down engine
ESRB Rating: Teen (Blood, Violence)
Released (PC): January 21, 2004
Estimated Release Date (PS2): November 2006

PC version:
· Pentium III 933 (P4 1.4 GHz recommended)
· 256MB of RAM (512MB recommended)
· 32MB Video Card (64MB recommended)
· 750 MB HD space
· Quad speed CD-ROM

Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre Updates

Release Date:

January 21 , 2004
28.87 MB
  • Fixed Tail on Blackhawk so players cannot ride on it.
  • Fix sniper bonuses awarded to non-sniper characters.
  • Fix claymores G satchels flitching up helicopter flight
  • Fixed Claymores & Satchel charges not working correctly.
  • Remove Silenced MP5 warnings from spin map.
  • Fixed issue with smoke grenade that doesn't stop generating smoke.
  • Addressed 8 Claymore bug.
  • Fixed Scope elevation inaccuracy.
  • Fix mesh glitch for Sniper.
  • New Lobby code added for Mod games.
  • Square smoke'/Abnormal load screen bug.
  • Fix cheat allowing users to move around before start delay is over.
  • Added fix for "X-Ray" wall hack cheat.
  • M16 leaf sight in auto lob is now changing range automatically.
  • Fixed Sniper rifle inaccuracy glitch.