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Summary System Requirements
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac
PC Publisher: GodGames
Mac Publisher: GodGames
Engine: Quake III, with Ritual's ÜBER Tools
ESRB Rating: Mature
Released: August 4, 2000
· Celeron, Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium III,
or Athlon at 233 MHz or higher
· 64MB RAM
· AGP Video Port
· 200MB of hard disk space.
· Windows 95/98
· Mouse required
Eden Enemies


This little plant is more of a nuisance than anything else, as it can be destroyed with a single pistol or sling shot. Just be sure to stay away for a few seconds until the gas cloud dissipates, but then it won't be any more trouble.


These birds are quite a pain in the butt, as they always seem to be circling overhead right when you need to fight a Fleshbinder or concentrate on jumping a platform. The best bet is to get somewhere you can avoid the other enemies and watch the bird as it circles (or listen for its cry just as it begins its attack) then dodge and kill it as it struggles to free its beak from the ground. You can shoot them down with pistols or uzis but it seems like a waste of ammo to me..


Like the regular bird, the fire bird has a dive-bomb attack, although if he comes close to you on the way down he'll explode and throw you down, which is really annoying if you're on the blood platforms or fighting another enemy.


The claw is invincible to your attacks, so your only option is to avoid him. He only attacks when you get near his zone, so if you can keep your distance you'll be fine. He can also be used as a powerful tool to kill other enemies (like the Grawlix in the Eden cliffside) if you get just within range of his attack and then lure enemies into the damage zone. The claws also love to burst through walls to attack you when you least expect it in one or two spots in the game (very sneaky!).


The Grawlix are some tough customers, but they can be dealt with pretty well once you get the hang of them. They have three general attacks: when they are far away, they will usually do a breath attack, where they will stop and spew out a cloud of gas at you. This is a great time to hit them with a charged crossbow attack, sling, or pretty much any other ranged weapon. Once they get up close, they will swipe once or twice at you, so if you have a shield, you can block their attack and counter with a combo of your own. Finally, they will charge up (they stomp the ground and shake) before executing a rolling attack at you, which ends in a spasm of electric energy. Your best bet is to sidestep this attack, and use a ranged weapon to hit them as they recover from the spin.

Dark Creeper

Dark Creepers are two fists of trouble if you're not careful. They have a nasty gas-spit attack, which can catch you off guard if you're too close, and a pretty harsh melee attack as well. They will hop to the right or the left just before swiping, so if you're not on your toes (or fighting more than one at a time) they can get you before you have time to move and block. They are also less susceptible to combo attacks, as you can usually only get two or three hits off before they begin their counter-attack. Be careful with these guys.

Evil Shgliek

The Evil Shgliek are a pretty weak enemy, but when there are four or five of them after you, and you only have swords to fight with, they can really be a pain. Pre-evil shglieks are pretty docile, and will run away from you when approached, so you have to stun them with the sling if you want to use them as bait for sucknblows or other creatures.. BUT, if they get near water or asteroids, they turn evil. Then they'll stalk you and either use a melee attack or throw balls of, well, crap at you. The ranged attack is pretty annoying because you don't always see it, and the guys are sneaky enough that sometimes you don't notice them running up behind you. Luckily they're pretty easily taken care of with a combo sword attack, or just stun them with slings and take your time. If you're not in the mood to deal with them, guns do the trick as well.


The lympthorns are always lurking around the corner or near platforms ready to knock you around. They fire a green dart at you in a timed sequence, but you can easily block with a shield and time your combo sword attack or ranged weapon to hit them between cycles. Some varieties of lympthorn will unroot themselves and run around, but again they only attack in cycles, so you can time your counters to hit them while they can't get you back.


The ghouls are a real pain, if only because they can only be attacked at specific times in their flight pattern, and also because they always seem to show up when you need to avoid other enemies or jump platforms. They will pass near you for a few feet and then turn invisible, and just before they attack you'll be able to see their eyes glow. I've found swords work best against ghouls, as you need to be pretty close to attack them, and guns waste too much ammo. I always seem to take a little damage from the ghouls though, so just sort of plan for it..

Gasyerass Vine

Like the ground-based gasyerass, these puffballs are fairly harmless, although the vine-based variety pop out new puffballs until you kill the vine itself by shooting or striking it a few times. If you don't have ammor or time, you can just blow up the puff with one shot and wait until the gas disperses, then run past, but usually you'll either have to return to the area or fight enemies nearby, so I usually take the extra few swipes to get the job done the right way.

Vymish Mama

The vymish mamas are quite a pain, although not as much as the big mama you meet early in the game. These can be killed with two or three sword combos, although they'll be spawning vymish mosquitoes after you the whole time. Ignore the mosquitoes for now and concentrate on their source, and then you can deal with the two or three skeeters later. Just circle-strafe around the mama to avoid her tongue-lashing. If you prefer guns, feel free, although these seem to allow her to live longer and spawn more skeeters after you from what I've seen.

Vymish Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a real nuisance here in meatspace, so they're just as annoying in the game. You'll have to fight off two or three at a time usually, so prepare to take at least a bit of damage from them. They always try to get around to your backside before stinging, so be ready to either circle-strafe around or spin around a lot. Luckily they go down with a swipe or two of your sword. Sidestepping and swiping seems to be ineffective most of the time, and guns are just a waste of ammo. I hate these guys :)


The sucknblow will kill you instantly if you get too close, so don't test him. You can distract him with a shgliek or other enemy, if you can lure one into him, and then run past. OR, if you can find a green pool and cover yourself in it by walking through, the sucknblow will find you very distasteful and spit you out, almost always uncovering hidden areas of the map. If you see a sucknblow, look for a green pool nearby, and grab yourself some goodies. There are also a few areas where you must use the sucknblows to get from one area to another as well.