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Summary System Requirements
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac
PC Publisher: GodGames
Mac Publisher: GodGames
Engine: Quake III, with Ritual's ÜBER Tools
ESRB Rating: Mature
Released: August 4, 2000
· Celeron, Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium III,
or Athlon at 233 MHz or higher
· 64MB RAM
· AGP Video Port
· 200MB of hard disk space.
· Windows 95/98
· Mouse required
GITH Enemies


Swarmers (also known as happymasks or hordes) are pretty cool actually, they are normally spawned from Recruiters and will attack you in groups. They don't have any ranged attacks, so if you can stay away from them they are really easy to kill, but in groups they will get up in your face and try and surround you, attacking from all sides. Swarmers are fun to kill with the chainsword, as you can plow through them really easily. One fun thing about them is if you hit them and knock off their mask, they will get really aggressive and can attack you faster, so watch out for that as well.


Fleshbinders are some of the hardest regular enemies to beat, because they are really tough and can dish out the damage like no one else. They have flamethrower mouths for up close, machine guns for arms, and crazy missle launchers for far away. All in all, you should basically find something to hide behind and use your long-distance weapons, like guns or rockets to chip away at their health. They normally come in pairs as well, so watch out for another Fleshbuddy. There is at least one place where you can use a trap to kill Fleshbinders in Eden, so take advantage of that when you can.

Soul Harvester

Soul Harvesters are pretty tough as well, as they have some wicked combo moves, are invincible during a good portion of their attack, and love to warp in behind you when you are fighting them. The best way to deal with Harvesters is to ready a sword and shield (I prefer fire as it takes off a bit more health by setting them ablaze) and when he begins his spin-attack, block it with the shield, then when he stops and is recovering for a second use a sword combo on him to take off a chunk of health. Then ready your shield and begin again. Once you get the hang of the timing you should do well.


Recruiters are fun, although a pain in the butt as well. They are totally invincible, so don't waste ammo attacking them. If you do fire on a Recruiter, he'll spawn in four or five Swarmers, so it's best just to let them fly around. They don't have any offensive attacks so they won't bother you, except to make you want to move on to the next area, heh.