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Summary System Requirements
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac
PC Publisher: Activision
Mac Publisher: MacPlay
Engine: Enhanced Quake II Engine
ESRB Rating: Mature
Released: November 1998
· Pentium 166 (200 MHz recommended)
· 32 megs of RAM (64 MB recommended
· Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3)
· 50 MB of uncompressed hard disk space
· 100% SoundBlaster-compatible sound card
· PCI or AGP video card with 2 MB RAM
SiN Walkthrough

Lvl 11 Missile Silo

*Primary Objectives*

1. Gain Entry To Silo
2. Disable Security Power Grid
3. Locate Warhead 1
4. Unlock Silos #2 and #3
5. Lock down Silo #2
6. Re-direct Missile Launch

*Secondary Ojectives*

1. Rescue Marine Hostages

When you enter this map there's a couple of grunts in front of you behind crates, shoot them and another grunt appears from behind the building, shoot the crates to get a 50 health, and two packs of chaingun ammo. Now head round the side of the building in front of you up the path, stay pretty far away from the two grunts on the hill who are carrying rocket launchers and just pick them off where you are, they shouldn't try to hit you.

Go up the ramp, collect the rocketlaunchers and watch out for about five or six grunts, one of which should be carrying a yellow passcard. Once their gone, open the crates and find the two fifty healths and the two sets of shotgun ammo. Look around for a tower with a ladder coming from it, climb it and grab the sniper rifle that's in it.

Go back down the hill and through the door to the building you passed on the way up to the rocket launcher guys. (PriObj1 Completed) Head past the lift and up the ladder. Kill the two grunts and grab the health, ammo, chaingun ammo and radio that's on the table. You'll get a message from marines who are trapped.

Go back down the ladder and in the lift, once it opens go out and to the right there will be body armour, there will also be a mutant. Go round the corner and notice a little space in the floor, quickly go in it and crouch through slightly underneath, you can now shoot the mutant and the rocket launcher mutant without being hit. Go round the corner for another rocket launcher mutant, try and just strafe a little left and right while firing at their heads, they carry two rockets each after their killed. Go round another corner but wait, theres a mutant hiding in the dark to the left of corridors, wait for your crosshair to light up and left him have it. Theres one more mutant in that corridor.

Head down to the bottom of the corridor slowly and stay slightly left, there will be a rocket launcher mutant hiding to the right so watch it. You can go under the floor again if you want. Theres a mutant to the left of him so look out for him too. Carry on past the dead mutant, and watch for two heavy chaingun grunts, you can shoot them in the legs to minimise damage if you duck but this consumes, ammo, try softening them up this way then finish them with the shotgun.

Stand near the ladder and look to the left and right furthest corners past the mechanised arms there are little box shaped bits that have blue light flickering out of them. Shoot a rocket into the box on each side and the lights will go out. (PriObj2 Completed) Stay still till they come back on. Once they do head back down the long corridor where the last rocket launcher mutant was, there will be a door on your left, go in it and watch for another rocket launcer mutant.

Go left past it and right round the corner, you can see a table in the distance, move towards it and there will be two mutants and a rocket launcher mutant. Kill them all and drop down the hatch to the left of them. You'll hear a marine say something, shoot the crates to get 50 health then shoot the crate covering the hatch. Drop down it and have a conversation with the marine sergeant, he'll eventually give you a card. (SecObj1 Completed) You can then shoot them all like I did, lol. * (LeftE comments: oh no! that's quite evil) * Pick up the packs of spidermines, you could use a pack of these to do the marines in, that explains why theres an extra pack :). The card you get from them is extremely important, push F11 on your keyboard, select the card and press the up arrow key to zoom into it. Remember that stuff it says on it (Lithium707).

Go back down the corridor, kill two grunts and take the other route straight on, ypu'll see a sign with "Danger Flooded Area" written on it, go to the far left of the door and open it, move ever so slightly rightwards so you can just shoot the rocket launcher mutant, you should be able to kill him without him firing a rocket. Shoot the crates for two chaingun ammo packs. Go into the water go through the pipes.

Go up till you're partly re-surfaced, go straight on right to the end of the tunnel and take a right go straight on again and take a right, go round the corner then up the ladder. You'll be under a floor again which has two heavy chaingun grunts on it, shoot them through the floor to avoid taking damage. Pick up the 50 healths they have by climbing the ladder. Look down the corridor behind the ladder and you should see a dead marine, pick up his hand (yes you heard me) and use it on the door with the red 1 to the left of it. (PriObj2 Completed)

Now go straight towards the rocket in the middle and shoot the grunt, climb down to the next level and shoot another grunt. Drop down the ladder on this level and shoot the grunt at the bottom, access the computer.....

Pick the second option and "lock down" the warhead, go back to the main menu and pick the fourth option and choose to "open silo #2". Go back up the ladders till you reach the room with the three silo doors again. There will be two shotgun grunts there with 20 healths.

Go into the door with the red 2 to the left of it, go to towards the rocket and look up, shoot the grunt here then quickly just jump off and down the ladder that leads to the computer for this floor which is identical to the last one. Pick option two and "lock down" the warhead, go into option four again and "open silo #3". (PriObj4 & PriObj5 Completed) An alarm will sound, now your on a time limit to get to the third silo. Shoot the shotgun grunt on the next level once you climb back up the ladder.

Go into the door with the red 3 to the left of it and just run straight past the grunt, drop down and go down the ladder, don't go right down though cause the two heavy chaingun grunts will have ya for breakfast, equip the grenade launcher and unload loads of grenades down quickly. Drop down and access the computer very quickly. Go down to "launch status" I think and use the password you received from the card you got from the marines (Lithium707). I also went to warhead status and locked down the warhead but I don't think it's neccesary, level complete. (PriObj6 Completed)

Lvl 12 Freeport Sewers

*Primary Objectives*

1. Locate Entrance to Sewers
2. Eliminate Enemy Forces
3. Proceed to Freeport Dam

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Minimize Civilian Casualties
2. Find Fastest Route to Dam

When you enter this level you'll see a hatch in the middle of the area your in, it's locked so shoot the padlock off it, drop down the ladder and kill the grunt. Quickly drop down the next ladder and hide behind the massive blue container on the left, you should be able to easily kill the three grunts. Grab the chaingun ammo and health from crates.

Proceed further down the corridor and look for another blue container, the nearest crate to this contains a rat and body armour whereas the other one contains rats. Go through the fence gate and dispose of three grunts, theres leg armour in the crate, round the corner there will be a grunt and a heavy chaingun grunt, kill them then grab the ammo and 50 health in the crates.

Look for a yellow machine in this room, you have to turn the handles in chronological order, look for the handle with a red 1 next to it and turn it. To the right against the wall is one with a red 2 then to the left of that, slightly underneath the machine is a door, turn the handle on that and it will open.

Drop down the hatch, you'll end up in water with a strong current, get to the surface immediately and head towards one of the rails on the left of where you drop into and jump over it, hide behind the brown pillar to assess the situation, peek round the pillar and up and to the right will be a grunt, shoot him then look round the left of a pillar and you'll be able to see another grunt, kill him then go to the crates to your right and get the body armour, you may notice at the furthest point away to the left of the pillar theres a mutant, kill him from beside the pillar to avoid taking damage.

Head through the door behind the mutant you just shot and you'll be in a small room, kill one grunt, get the ammo and health, and look up above the health for a grunt. Go through the door to the left, shoot the grunt next to the other door furthest away. Now go the left of the door where you are when it's closed, open it, run backwards and shoot the mutant and the grunt, if the door closes just repeat the process till their gone.

Go to the door where you shot the first grunt and enter another small room which has yet another grunt, with another grunt to the right and up of him. Kill them both then proceed through the next door, shoot the grunt just as you open it then head back into the previous room. Go to the left of the door again and go what you did before to dispose of the mutant. Now go through the door and look up and to the right, there will be another mutant.

Go through the door that's straight on, kill the grunt just through the door and the one that's up the ladder. Pick up the leg armour and 50 health. Go up the ladder and shoot the crates for ammo. Enter the door on the right and hop onto the bannister rail and move across it ducking when you have to (I think the floor caves in at one of these bits that's why). Keep going through the doors and when theres rails repeat the process done before.

You'll eventually reach a room with two doors, go straight on through the door and round the corner, through a door and into a room with a ladder, with a 50 health and body armour at the bottom.

The door back on the left contains an exit and three grunts. Go through the exit and all objectives except "proceed to freeport dam" are completed which I don't think you can complete in this map.

Lvl 13 Freeport Sewers - Part 2

*Primary Objectives*

1. Find Exit from Sewers
2. Eliminate Enemy Forces
3. Proceed to Freeport Dam

*Secondary Objectives*

1. None

When you start this mission go through the door, there will be a grunt there, there's also a grunt above you with a chaingun lobbing grenades down at you so watch out. Once clear, climb the ladder and go through the door, immediately as you enter this room there will be two grunts, one carryin a shotgun.

Look to the left and there will be a gap going down the side of the yellow machine, duck under the pipe and go round to kill the heavy chaingun grunt. Go through the door and watch out for a shotgun grunt, mutant, and a grunt under the ledge where you are standing in the water. Clear them out and head down the ladder, go straight on, a grunt with a chaingun firing grenades will appear but he shouldn't be able to hit you if your far back enough. Another grunt may appear.

Go through the tunnel where they were and look up onto the fence floor above you, a grunt will be there who you should be able to kill from there. Climb the ladder and get a 20 health and ammo from the crates. Go back and through the door nearest the ladder. Stand just outside it and open it and duck, you should see a heavy chaingun grunt in the distance, you should be able to get head shots without reply. Go straight on and watch for a grunt hiding behind a pipe on the right. Grab the 50 health off the heavy chaingun grunt and open the door.

This room has three grunts as soon as you enter and theres two mutants off to the right. You'll find 20 healths on the grunts bodies and a 50 health in the crate next to the second mutant. Climb up the ladders and through the hatch. (PriObj1 Completed)

You should save before this section as theres bloody snipers left right and centre. After exiting the hatch turn around and go left into the little space in the wall, you should see a sniper up and to the left from here, shoot him quickly. Theres another sniper beside the rail that's up and to the right of where you are but you can't see him from here. Kill him when you can see him. Down the green slope beside the road are a grunt and a mutant so dispose of them too. Go through the green door (theres a button to open the gates that lead to heavy chaingun grunt, I don't think you need to kill him though) and proceed to the level, all remaining objectives should be complete.

Lvl 14 Freeport Dam

*Primary Objectives*

1. Gain access to Tram System
2. Proceed to Water Works
3. Eliminate Hostile Threat
4. Save Freeport Employees Taken Hostage

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Locate and Destroy all Sintek Chemical Drums

What's that sound when you start this level, I hear you say, well that's more damn snipers so you better be quick on the draw. Theres one way in the distance up on a ledge, you should be able to see him, so cap the swine. When you do this, two grunts should come round so kill them too. Turn around and walk backwards slightly, there will be one more sniper up above from where you started so make sure you remember him or you'll end up headless.

Keep going straight till you reach the Sintek truck, blow up the containers. Head straight on to come to a door, which has a heavy chaingun grunt in it, just try to catch the edge of his body when you open the door and you shouldn't get hit. The boxes contain sniper bullets and chaingun ammo. Climb the ladder and go in the door to grab a sniper rifle, nice. You can shoot the grunts that appear now with the sniper rifle if you want.

Go down again and into the door that's next to the glass window, theres two boxes with 50 healths in them if you need them. Carry on through the next door and you should see a heavy chaingun grunt in the distance, hit him from inside the door and he should be a problem, look up and to the right from outside and you should see a sniper. Go straight on and a shotgun grunt will come out of the door on your right, kill him and get ammo and shotgun ammo from the crates, kill another grunt too.

Head back outside and, oh sh1t, theres a helicopter, just hit it with anything and eventually it'll crash and burn. Hope over the rail below where the helicopter was flying, equip the chaingun and enter the door with "Intake tower" on it and mow the mutant down. Grab the blue keycard. Head back out side and go round the ring surrounding the room you were just in and kill the two grunts. If you look to the left and up slightly from the door you should see a heavy chaingun grunt who you can shoot from here. Go to the left where theres a door which you can open with the blue card. Kill the two grunts in the room and grab the ammo and chaingun ammo. Shoot the lock on the door and open it to rescue the hostages, theres a green keycard in the same room too. (PriObj4 Completed)

Open the other door back in the other room and shoot the chaingun grunt on the stairs, head up to the next floor and open the door, shoot the grunt, then the other one who appears. A chaingun grunt and a shotgun grunt will come running down the stairs to your right so watch out. Go back into the room with the two grunts and go through the door in the right, kill the grunt on the toilet :). Down the hall from that room is a room containing loads of food.

Go back to the stairs and go up the them, and through two doors, you'll see a large one with "security" written on it. Equip your chaingun and kill the grunt and mutant in the room. Access the computer....

Select option one and unlock the security doors. Select option two and "release tram system". (PriObj1 Completed) Go back through the door with "security" above it and then the small door, hop over the rail into the room below. Open the large green doors straight on, you'll find a heavy chaingun grunt in this room. Head through the large doors in this room to get back to near the start bit.

Go to the door that's against the wall in front of you, meet another chaingun grunt. Go up the stairs and shoot the two grunts on the right. Go back and through the door with the scope. Now it's time for another bit of fun. Hop onto the ledge and take out your sniper rifle, zoom in to the two grunts at the table and dispose of them.

Go back down and outside, take the door on the right and kill the grunt, a few more may appear now but they aren't much of a problem. Go through the door and kill the heavy chaingun grunt to your right and dispose of all the Sintek chemical containers that are next to the truck, on the truck and up beside the green door, when you shoot the ones beside the green door a few grunts may appear. Go through this door and shoot the Sintek chemical containers. (SecObj1 Completed) Proceed to the tram right next to this to complete the remaining objectives.


Go all the way back to where you shot the two grunts at the table with the sniper rifle, go onto the ledge again and look down and to your left, you should see the wall coming out a bit, you can walk off onto here and you should slide safely onto the roof like bit and be able to walk across to where the two grunts were playing cards. Get the yellow card off the table.

Go through the door and there will be two grunts, one to your left, and one to your right. There is a heavy chaingun grunt straight on to, he has his back to you though so kill him long range. Get health and leg armour from the crates. Round the corner are two more grunts. Go through the large door and kill another heavy chaingun grunt. Through the door straight on theres two grunts and crates with health. Go back and through the big door on the left where the chaingun grunt was.

Go through it with a chaingun equipped and kill the mutant, kill the grunt that's down from you too. Go right down onto the ground floor and there will be two grunts that are next to a machine with two buttons, press them both to complete the level.

Oddly enough, this leads to the oilrig level, I'm not sure if it affects the overall plot either because you don't stop the chemicals if you go this way, maybe the developers didn't expect anybody to take this route. But anyway, back to the normal route.

Lvl 15 Freeport Water Works

*Primary Objectives*

1. Turn off clarifiers, then drain them
2. Drain the filter tanks
3. Locate Key to sewage Intake
4. Shut off the sewage Intake Pumps, and then close their valves

*Secondary Objectives*

1. None

From the start go round the corner and enter the door on the right, look down and to your right and you should see a building, go in the first big door. Go left down the corridor and you should see a grunt with a shotgun, he blows the Jimmy into chunks, hehe. Go through the large door nearest to where he was and you'll see a hostile scientist, kill him and head straight on through the next big door and kill the next hostile scientist, magicly two grunts will appear from thin air so kill them, then pick up the key that the scientist has on him. (PriObj3 Completed)

Go back and go to through a door that has a label with "sewage intake" written next to it. There will be a grunt with a shotgun up on a ledge in front of you. Go through the small door to the right and then trough the door straight on from there. There will be about six grunts in this room, three of which have shotguns. Clear them out then head up the stairs.

Go through the door labelled "Red Clarifier Control Station" and through the door at the end of the corridor. Crouch and move slowly right, a grunt will be on your left, kill him and another one will come running up the stairs. Once their both dead access the computer.....


Select option 3 and switch the power off. Go through the door in that room marked "Blue Clarifier Control Station" and kill the two grunts. Access the computer which looks like the one above and switch the power off on that one too. Proceed through the door marked "Yellow Clarifier Control Station" and kill the grunt there, once again another grunt will run up the stairs. Access the computer and turn the power off.

Go down the stairs and go through the door marked "Blue Clarifiers" pick a heavy duty weapon like the chaingun because there are two grunts in this section and two mutants. To the left of this area is a blue clarifier pump, turn the handle on it.

Go back to the "Red Clarifier Control Station" and go down the stairs there, on the right you will see a door marked "Yellow Red Clarifiers" so go through that one with the chaingun equiped. Theres two mutants and a rocket launcher mutant in here and a shotgun grunt may appear through the door you just came from. Turn the handles on the red and yellow clarifiers like you did for the blue one.

Go back through the door you came in and go straight on through the door marked "Filtration System" Theres two rocket launcher mutants and a grunt in this bit, you should be able to take the grunt and one of the mutants by hiding behind the door when it's open and firing and moving back inside. Turn all the handles for the tanks in this room. (PriObj1 Completed)

Back where the red\yellow clarifiers were theres a door on the left, go in there to get to the sewage intake pumps, theres two mutants guarding the area so watch out for them. Turn the three sewage intake pumps then go up the ladder and kill the shotgun grunt. Now turn all the handles on this floor, if you turn these first you will FAIL the mission. (PriObj4 Completed) Level over.

Lvl 16 Freeport Water Works - Part 2

*Primary Objectives*

1. Stop Yellow Contamination
2. Stop Red Contamination
3. Stop Blue Contamination
4. Dispose of Eon and Peon

*Secondary Objectives*

1. None

When you shoot all the crates in this level and you find:
  • 4 packs of chaingun ammo
  • 4 packs of rockets
  • 4 packs of ammo
  • 4 packs of shotgun ammo
  • 1 Chaingun
  • 1 Rocket Launcher
  • 2 50 healths
You know there's gonna be something nasty up ahead :D. Well you'd be right! From the start you keep going through doors until you reach a flight of stairs go down them and through the door, you'll notice a huge open area with tanks like in the previous level on the other side.

Go to the yellow tanks, on one side theres a small handle, turn it, drop off into the water and turn the other handle on the other side. (PriObj1 Completed) Climb back up the ladder, who's this then, it's Eon and Peon who are a royal pain in the ass so watch it. Repeat the process of turning the valves for the red and blue ones. (PriObj2 & PriObj3 Completed)

Now all that's left is Eon and Peon who is fairly solid it must be said, the first time I fought it a while back I was lucky enough to get it stuck. A good tactic to use is, stay on the areas with most space, not in the water, but on the paths on either side of the room and get out your chaingun, run backwards away from the bugger and offload loads of ammo into the thing, strafe around it to the other side and do the same again, you have to make sure he the big one doesn't hit ya with swipes too often and that the little bugger on top doesn't hit you with the green stuff but if your running backwards it shouldn't hit you. (PriObj4 Completed)

Lvl 17 Sintek Oilrig

*Primary Objectives*

1. Clear Off Lower Rig Level
2. Continue Tracking Answers

*Secondary Objectives*

1. None

This one's very fun to play, especially the start which involves you getting a little sniper practice in, the boat stops at various points allowing you to pick off the patrolling grunts. Once you've picked all the grunts off the boat pulls up. (PriObj1 Completed)

Climb up the ladder and go in the door that's the right route (I think). Go up the stairs and open the door, there's a construction worker. Go through the next door and another and there will be two shotgun grunts to dispose of. Go through the next door and up the ladder, drop down again, a construction worker will try to get down to get you but he can't so just shoot the defenceless git :) .

Go through the door up the ladder, kill the construction worker and the three grunts in the room and pull the switches (I don't know if it does anything but hey). * (LeftE's comment: I don't think it does anything either.. too bad, heh) * Go through the next door and kill another two grunts and construction worker, go up the ladder and through the next room where a construction worker is waiting. Down to the left theres a grunt too.

Go down to where the grunt was and look for a pump moving up and down, you have to wait till this is on it's way up then run under it and make it up to the ledge. Go onto one of the pipes and jump over the fence that's there. Go through the door for two grunts and construction worker, through the door past them leads you outside.

When your outside watch out for three grunts and a construction worker, but never mind them get the pigeon it's lethal, one hit takes 200 health off ya. Watch out for two or more grunts on your way to the door on the opposite side of the rig. Go in the door, there's two construction workers waiting. Press the button nearby and get in the lift and press the button again. On the table in front of you at the top should be two fifty healths. Go through the door to the left of these then through the other one, there should be two grunts in front of you. Finish them and head through the door right next to the one you came from, kill the grunt as you enter and go down the lift to complete the level.

Lvl 18 Underwater Pass - Part 1

*Primary Objectives*

1. Find Scuba Gear
2. Disable Main Security

*Secondary Objectives*

1. Render Base Inoperable

Right from one of the best levels to one of the most boring levels, it's not the design that's crap, underwater levels in general are always boring, SiN's are no exception. Fear not though there's only a couple.

From the elevator cap the heavy machine grunt in front of you and then hit the mutant in the distance, if done properly, you shouldn't be hit. Theres a speargun on the table to your left. The weapon's crap, even in water, hehe.

There's a computer in this room somewhere which you need to activate to allow you into the water and get through certain passages.....

Pick option one then "open cargo bay door". Now go into the cargo system controls and one of the options in the menu will say "ship waiting cargo" press return and a piece of cargo will be placed in the water. More will follow, you are to follow these as they pass through sections but don't do that just yet. To the right of the computer there's little cannister things, shoot them and some of the machinery should be damaged.

If you go straight on from the start and head in the hatch to the left, then another one, you should be in a room where you can see a heavy machine grunt, kill him from outside the door then go in and take the mutant out who'll be on your right. There's a computer in this room.....

Pick option one and choose to disable the port, do the same for the second option. There's another part of the plasma gun in this room but you should have all three by now anyway. Now it's time for a dip.

Go back to the main room near the start, jump into the water. I think I better mention that if you need air, you may notice pipes with bubbles coming out of them, use these to get air when you need it, it'll stop you drowning every two minutes.

Have the computer facing your back when you drop in, look down and to the corner in the bottom right of the screen, there's a hatch there with a broken fan, swim down through it and go right along to the end of the tunnel your in grab some air and turn left, go right along again and up through another broken fan. Grab some more air bubbles and go right to the far right of the screen where there's a hatch next to more air bubbles, go through that, open another hatch and you'll reach a surface area, go up through it quickly, watching out for the mutant and the heavy chaingun grunt.

Straight on from the water hole will be health and the much-appreciated SCUBA gear. (PriObj1 Completed) Now you won't have to bother with all the bubble-breathing stuff. Get chaingun ammo and head and leg armour aswell as a blue keycard from this room also. Don't forget to shoot all the small cannisters aswell so that they explode. Go through the hatch in this room using the blue keycard and eventually you'll end up in the main room. Mind the heavy chaingun grunt.

Head into the water again, follow the cargo, wait till the doors open and then go straight after it, there will be two enemy divers, shoot them and continue following the cargo into the next section where you'll find two more enemy divers. Go through the hole to the left cause you can't follow the cargo, open hatches on the way through and you'll reach a water exit again.

Heavy chaingun grunt and mutant again. This room has three 20 healths and leg and body armour. On the blue cabinet to the right of the room is a green keycard. Also remember to destroy the cannisters, especially the one above the two divers in compression and watch them gib :D.

Head through the hatch with the chaingun and kill the two mutants. Go through the next hatch and shoot another mutant. Go through the next hatch in this room and kill the heavy chaingun grunt beside the computer, choose "main security" then "disable main security" which will remove the red lines which stop you from following the cargo. (PriObj2 Completed)

Shoot the machine behind the last mutant you killed and that should blow. (SecObj1 Completed) You now only have a set time to get out the hatches that lead back to the water. Hop back into the water and go to where you had to stop following the cargo, you should be able to now. You can open the doors manually by "using" the panels below the doors. Go through the large hatch and you should come across two enemy divers, kill them and proceed down and through another large hatch where there's another enemy diver. Go round the corner from him and grab some air over to the left, to the right of the air there's a hole, go down that and then to the exit killing two divers.

End Of Part 2

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