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Summary System Requirements
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: PC
Publisher: n/a
Engine: Source Engine
ESRB Rating: Mature
Released: May 10, 2006
· 1.2 GHz Processor
· 256MB RAM
· DirectX 7 capable graphics card
· Windows 2000/XP/ME/98
· Internet Connection
SiN Episodes Frequently Asked Questions


1.1 What is SiN Episodes?
1.2 Who is the company developing SiN Episodes?
1.3 Who is publishing SiN Episodes?
1.4 When will the first chapter of SiN Episodes be released?
1.5 How long will each chapter of SiN Episodes be?
1.6 What are SiN Episodesís system requirements?
1.7 How much will each chapter of SiN Episodes cost?
1.8 What is Steam?
1.9 Will I be able to purchase SiN Episodes at a store?
1.10 Will there be a special edition of SiN Episodes?
1.11 Will there be a demo of SiN Episodes?
1.12 Will SiN Episodes be available for any next-generation consoles?
1.13 Will there be a Mac port of SiN Episodes?
1.14 Has SiN Episodes been rated by the ESRB yet?
1.15 Will the original SiN be released on Steam?
1.16 Will there be a Source engine version of the original SiN?
1.17 Will I have to play each episode of SiN Episodes in order?
1.18 Which input devices can I play SiN Episodes with?
1.19 After the first episode ships, how long will I have to wait for the next one?
1.20 Who are the SiN Episodes E3 models?
1.21 Does the game have a manual?
1.22 Where can I get help with technical issues?
1.23 Where can I find a list of cheat codes for SiN Episodes?
1.24* I live in Switzerland or Austria, and am unable to play SiN Episodes.

Single Player

2.1 What is the story of SiN Episodes?
2.2 Who are the main characters of SiN Episodes?
2.3 How many and what kind of weapons will there be in SiN Episodes?
2.4 Will any of the weapons feature alternate firing modes?
2.5 What enemies will I face in SiN Episodes?
2.6 Will there be vehicles in SiN Episodes?
2.7 Will the game depict excessive violence, such as blood and gore?
2.8 Will SiN Episodes feature action-based outcomes like the original SiN?
2.9 Will there be squad-based combat in SiN Episodes?
2.10 What is the Context Look system?
2.11 Has Ritual made any improvements to the Source AI?
2.12 How interactive will the environments be in SiN Episodes?
2.13 Will SiN Episodes have locational damage?
2.14 What is the vehicle positioning system?
2.15 Will the main characters be voiced by the same actors as in SiN?
2.16 Who will be creating the music for SiN Episodes?
2.17 How many difficulty settings will SiN Episodes include?
2.18 Will there be any sort of stats system in game?
2.19 What is Arena Mode?
2.20* When will Arena Mode be available?


3.1 Will there be multiplayer in SiN Episodes?


4.1 What engine does SiN Episodes utilize?
4.2 What modifications have been made to the engine by Ritual?


5.1 Will there be a software / game development kit for SiN Episodes?


6.1 Can I help test SiN Episodes?


7.1 Where is the official SiN Episodes website located?
7.2 Are there any SiN Episodes fan sites?
7.3 Where can I talk to other SiN Episodes fans?

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8.2 Copyright Information
8.3 Disclaimer
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