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Summary System Requirements
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: PC
Publisher: n/a
Engine: Source Engine
ESRB Rating: Mature
Released: May 10, 2006
· 1.2 GHz Processor
· 256MB RAM
· DirectX 7 capable graphics card
· Windows 2000/XP/ME/98
· Internet Connection
SiN Episodes: Emergence Story

Freeport City, population 27 million people.
SiN takes place in Freeport City, a futuristic collision of New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. Overwhelmed by rising crime rates, the government has given individual corporations the right to form private security forces called sec-forces. The most respected among these is an organization called HardCorps, lead by Colonel John R. Blade. Led by HardCorps, the sec-forces managed to bring order back to Freeport.

"Previously on SiN"

Warning: The following contains spoilers for SiN and should not be read if you have not yet completed the game.

Blade cleaning up the gene pool in SiN.
While investigating the source of a new and highly-addictive drug called U4, Blade discovered that a global megacorporation called SinTEK Industries and its CEO Elexis Sinclaire were behind the drug. Wanting to advance humanity's evolution by several million years, Elexis altered U4's properties to mutate the genetic structure of its users.

Blade went after SinTEK, shutting down several of their factories, and eventually managed to confront Elexis Sinclaire herself. But before she could be brought to justice, Elexis managed to escape and vanished.

Enter SiN Episodes

Blade's partner Jessica Cannon looking good after dispatching of a few baddies.
SiN Episodes takes place four years after the first SiN. Elexis Sinclaire is back, and still very much in control of SinTEK. Blade, still in charge of HardCorps, has just lost a long and drawn-out legal battle between HardCorps and SinTEK, in which Elexis ultimately managed to put her own spin on things.

As Freeport continues to suffer from mutant attacks, especially in the poorer parts of the city, Blade has become nearly obsessed with bringing Elexis Sinclaire and SinTEK to justice, and he will stop at nothing to make it happen.

Blade's latest lead is Viktor Radek, a relatively new face among Freeport's crime lords. Radek is suspected of running a secret U4 operation out of a derelict tanker located in an older part of the docks district. Having planted a tracker on Radek, Blade and his partner Jessica are now ready to move in for the kill.