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Summary System Requirements
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: PC
PC Publisher: Activision
Engine: Quake
ESRB Rating: Mature
Released: February 1998
· Pentium processor
· 16MB RAM
· 40MB hard drive space
· VGA or SVGA graphics support
· CD-ROM drive
· Full version of Quake

The Quake Mission Pack #1, The Scourge of Armagon was Ritual Entertainment's (then named Hipnotic Interactive) first project. The Scourge of Armagon is a Quake add-on, featuring 15 new single player levels and one deathmatch level, 2 new monsters plus a new boss and 3 new weapons. SOA also has engine enhancements, such as rotating brushes and destructible walls. There are also 7 new audio tracks on the CD.

The Monsters

The Centroid
This is one pissed cyborg scorpion. With 2 nail-guns attached to him, and a deadly stinger on him, you better be able to run. The Centroid doesn't move that quickly, but can strafe and rotate fast. Watch out!

The Gremlin
The Gremlins are small and fast creatures that are easy to kill, but let them come too close and they will steal your weapon.

Armagon is a half-biological, half-machine creature whom you face in the last level. Better get yourself a lot of ammo.


The Mjolnir
When you see someone with the Mjolnir, run. This weapon means death, with its massive power. Hit this thing on the ground and lightning shoots out. Watch your ammo though, because this baby really eats it.

The Laser Cannon
The Laser Cannon is a good all around weapon. Be careful when shooting though, as the lasers can bounce of walls and hit you!

The Proximity Bomb
This is the grenade launcher, but with proximity bombs. Get close enough, and they'll blow up right in your face.


The Empathy Shield
Pick up the Empathy Shield and half of the pain inflicted upon you by enemies is sent right back at them!

The Wet Suit
The Wet Suit makes you invulnerable to electrical attacks. So you can fire the lightning gun under water and not die, even though everyone else in the water will :)

The Horn of Conjuring
Blow this horn and a creature will be spawned to help you. Be out of luck and get a dog. Be lucky and get a Shambler as your friend...

The Levels (and their creators)

The Command Headquarters - Tom Mustaine
Episode 1:
HIP1M1: The Pumping Station - Tom Mustaine
HIP1M2: The Storage Facility - Jim Dose
HIP1M3: The Lost Mine - Levelord
HIP1M4: The Research Facility - Levelord
HIP1M5: Military Complex - Mackey McCandlish, Hipnotic elements by Tom Mustaine.
Episode 2:
HIP2M1: Ancient Realms - Tom Mustaine
HIP2M2: The Black Cathedral - Tom Mustaine
HIP2M3: Catacombs - Matthew Hooper, Hipnotic elements by Levelord.
HIP2M4: The Crypt - Levelord
HIP2M5: Mortum's Keep - Mike Wardwell, Hipnotic elements by Levelord
HIP2M6: The Gremlin's Domain - Jimmy Sieben, Hipnotic elements by Tom Mustaine.
Episode 3:
HIP3M1: Tur Torment - Levelord
HIP3M2: Pandemonium - Mike Wardwell, Hipnotic elements by Tom Mustaine.
HIP3M3: Limbo - Tom Mustaine
HIP3M4: The Gauntlet - Tom Mustaine The Lair - Levelord

System Requirements
  • Pentium processor
  • 16mb of ram
  • 40mb hard drive space
  • VGA or SVGA graphics support
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Full version of Quake