Event Documentation



The format specifier consists of a series of alphabetic characters, each representing an argument followed by optional bracketed sections that describe the range for each argument.  If the character is lower case than the argument is required.  If the character is upper case than the argument is optional.  All optional arguments must occur at the end of the format spec.  Valid characters and default ranges are as follows:


Boolean – b – [0,1]

String    - s – [max character length]

Integer – I – [-231,231]

Float – f – [ -max negative float, max positive float]

Vector – v – [ -max negative float, max positive float] [ -max negative float, max positive float] [ -max negative float, max positive float]

Entity – e – [ 0, max_entities]


It is possible to leave off one of the ranges and leave the other one to be default.  For example if you wanted to have an integer argument that was always positive, you could represent it like this:




This would force the range to always be between 0 and max_integer.


Event Formatting


Event EV_EventName( “event” );


Event EV_EventName









Event EV_AttachModel





        "modelname tagname scale targetname detach_at_death removetime",

        "attach a entity with modelname to this entity to tag called tagname.\n"

        "scale - scale of attached entities\n"

        "targetname - targetname for attached entities\n"

        "detach_at_death - when entity dies, should this model be detached.\n"

        "removetime - when the entity should be removed, if not specified, never."