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This purrty little snapshot is from arena_stalker, an upcoming SiN Episodes Arena Mode map by Spas12. Hit this forum thread for more screenshots!

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We got word that Radox has updated his Modification for SiN!

SiN Resurrected is the name of the Mod, it changes the singleplayer campaign of SiN by tweaking the weapons, items and enemies.

Here is a brief list of some things the Mod does:

  • Changes the main menu and "X-files screen" typewriter sound with a more pleasant one
  • Changes the sound played when the player finds a secret
  • Fixes the wrong text that showed when the player completed a objective in later levels
  • Adds the nude Elexis skin for multiplayer
  • Adds some items throughout the levels
  • Rebalances the Pulse cannon
  • Expands some of the dialogs and makes them clarify the storyline better
  • Adds secondary objectives to some of the later levels to increase replay ability of the game
  • Adds a number of action-based outcomes to some levels to increase interactivity of the game
  • FINALLY fixes the Biomass to Area 57 bug, so now the player can continue the game normally
  • You can download the Modification from either



Radox a Member of our forums created a Mod for the SIN Single-Player. The Mod fixes smaller issues, adds new Features such as
  • Shotgun shells max capacity doubled to 100.
  • Energy ammo max capacity increased to 300. Also, pulse ammo packs provide 50 ammo, while small packs (plasma), provide 20.
  • Added enemies and ammo to the Munt Phoenix level to make it more fun
  • Changed the sounds of some of the weapons with more realistic, powerful ones
  • Tweaked Thrall (the endgame boss) to be more deadly
And much more!

You need to apply the patch 1.11, before installing the mod, details can be found at this forum thread.

Grab the Mod installer and get ready for a new SIN experience.

UPDATE: Please note that the original Activision Master server is back again, you don't need to edit or Install anything for now except the official patch 1.1(windows).

The Elite Force II community moved to a new Master server provided by a member of the community it self.

There won't be a official patch, how ever once again the community provides it self with a in-official patch. This patch edits your windows hosts file to reroute the game to the new master server.

If you are running Windows you can download and use a tool to do all the changes for you.
Download: ef2_master_server_client_patch_fix.zip

For everyone else you can find the instructions to manually made the changes in our forums

You will also need the Official Patch 1.1 to play on-line (Windows only).


UPDATE: Please note that the original Activision Master server is back again, you don't need to edit or Install anything for now except the official patch 1.1(windows).

According to a statement posted at the filefront.com forums Activision has officially suspended the support for the Elite Force II Master-Server.

The guys over at darkmatter-clan.com are providing a temporary work-around listing all the standard servers in the game server-favorites list.


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TIKIDear Ritualistic addicts, some time has past since the last news Item was feed to you...

We are now continuing to feed you with news related to Ritual's Games, prepare for tasteful Mods, sweet maps and other salubrious things. You can expect to be feed once each month.
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Please use this Form or the Forums to submit your fresh cooked or deep-frozen meal/menu to us no Sheeps.

In case you have already made a post at the forums drop us a quick Note and we will try to sum up all news since November 2007.

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The ST-Gaming League for Elite Force II is currently open to clans with at least 3 players. The league is already in session so clans will want to join soon before more matches take place. The basic match rules are as follows:

  • Game Mode: CTF.
  • Each match has a 3 map rotation.
  • 15 minutes time limit per map.
  • 1000 points (10 flags).
  • Game Version patched 1.1.
  • Specified server and client settings.

The English translation of the league site is still in progress. The league admins and players understand English and will coordinate with you to schedule matches. Just post in English and do your best to navigate through the pages for now. The rules, standings and match results can be viewed by following the links in the section titled "2007 - 2." When a clan is ready to join, a league admin must be contacted by registering and posting here.

The development duo known as The Colonists, makers of the award-winning Colony7 mod, have released a new single-player mod for Elite Force II with the lengthy title "A Gate, Two Birds and the Beautiful Sky" or Gate-Birds-Sky abbreviated.

Gate-Birds-Sky places you in the role of Illia Ericcson, "a former agent of Section 31, the Federation's most secret intelligence agency. Illia's final mission proves to be her most dangerous one yet, as she faces impossible opposition in Romulan space." Forum member Tempest estimates that the mission takes 4 hours to complete.

Gate-Birds-Sky is a completely open-source mod with all source files from the script to maps available. Hazard Modding has already modified some of the source files to create a small patch that fixes a few map glitches. See this forum thread for more details and download links.

I've been thinking for several days about how to write this post. This site has been a substantial part of my life for over 7 years and as I look back on that, it's hard for me to sum up that time in a simple blob of text. But, for the sake of everybody's sanity, and to go easy on those prone to seizures, I've decided to forego the animated gifs I had planned and do the written word thing instead. And doing it this very moment allows me to steal Stylsy's thunder one last time. Huzzah!

First, let's get it right out of the way: Yes, I'm leaving Ritualistic, as well as Ritual Entertainment. Now, if you're hoping to bust out some popcorn in anticipation of a juicy story buried in a giant pile of dirty laundry, I'm sorry to disappoint. But let me try and explain the how's and why's anyway.

Ritual went through some pretty substantial transformations in recent months, stepping away from the kind of material that intially drew me to the company. I have no doubt that the games we'll see coming out of Ritual in the future will be twisted and put a few new spins on established conventions, but I had a hard time settling into this new world order.

A couple of weeks ago, another studio contacted me and asked if I was interested to shake multiplayer things asymmetrically, and as I reflected on that opportunity and the possibilities it was going to offer me, both personally and professionally, it was just too good a fit to pass up.

So, long story short, it's not you, it's me. Or something.

As for Ritualistic, this site is coming up on its 10 year anniversary and it makes me incredibly proud to see it reach that milestone. Other fansites have come and gone, but this one's stuck around. Sure, it's had its up and downs, as did Ritual, but overall I look back on those seven years with satisfaction and enjoyment. Ritual made some cool games during my time here and the community has always been great. We've had some colorful personalities stop by the boards and I met a lot of cool people and great new friends, including the Englishman below who really doesn't know wtf when it comes to livestock.

We've also had a lot of very dedicated staff members over the years who really helped turn this place into what it is. These guys don't get anywhere near enough credit, so I want to extend a huge "Thank You" to everybody who has invested their spare time into this site. I'm passing the torch on to two of them today - LeftE and Scarcrux - and they will continue to cover all things Ritual Entertainment and abuse people in the forums by giving them ridiculous titles and randomly deleting posts.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank the guys at Ritual. People like to throw "they're an incredible bunch of people" around while not really meaning it, but these guys really are incredible. Ritual was a fantastic and fun place to work at and I have nothing but fond memories. And though it's not always evident, they do read the boards very regularly to see what's going on in the community and what you guys are up to. So behave, you're being watched!@#

Anyhow, time to wrap this puppy up. Gentlemen, it's been an honor. I'll see you around.

One thousand and forty days ago, whilst lost in a field among some excitable looking sheep, I blackmailed badman into getting a role on this site and in return I would never reveal what he was really up to that day. Since then, I've had the good fortune to interact with the developers, community gamers and spam bots whilst covering Star Trek: Elite Force II, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and SiN Episodes, three games I thoroughly enjoyed.

However, all good things must come to an end and as Ritual transitions into a new era with a new direction it is time for me to complete my time here at Ritualistic, but before I do I wish give the obligatory thanks to the visitors and forumers who have made it a cool place to stay for the last three years. Also, thanks go to badman, my boss and gaming nemesis I've built a great friendship with - despite still not understanding the whole sheep thing.

Keep campaigning for boobs in games, the world is better with them than without them!

If you haven't picked up SiN Episodes Emergence yet you sad, sorry sack, you! GoGamer has it on their Madness sale for a mere $3.90, not quite enough to keep Ritual from going casual, yet enough to get you to enjoy some great gaming.

Aeon has developed a Secrets of SiN Emergence FAQ which details all the in-game secrets, easter eggs, in-jokes and the like with a heavy amount of screenshots for you to find them in game for yourself. A lot of effort has been put it together, so be sure to check it out.

After doing so, leave some feedback for Aeon in this forum thread.

A heartfelt 'Happy Birthday!' goes out to our very own Andrew "Stylsy" Styles, who turns the big 2-0 today. It's all downhill from here, friend! sorry

And now let's all pile into a cake and jump out at a really inappropriate moment.

According to my really smart calendar, it's been three years since Valve released Counter-Strike: Condition Zero to us mere mortals, blessing us with a digital amalgam created by no less than 15 different studios. We're even told that the game did, at at some point, feature counter-terrorists on some sort of mission to stop evil - Stylsy never made it past the first level, so we're still unsure about this.

If you now feel the urge to investigate this mystery, Condition Zero is still available on Steam, both by itself and as part of several compilations. The truth, as they say, is out there, along with AWPs, 'newbs', and countless mom jokes.

Chriss Strahl has proved that there is even more to be played in Star Trek Elite Force II by releasing the first version of his Hazard Modding Co-Op Script, which if you know your scripting, will enable you to play any of the game's single player missions in co-operative style with a buddy.

For non-modders, this release will allow you to try out the co-op mode in one of the secret maps, so try it now by downloading it at Elite Force Files

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