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The development duo known as The Colonists, makers of the award-winning Colony7 mod, have released a new single-player mod for Elite Force II with the lengthy title "A Gate, Two Birds and the Beautiful Sky" or Gate-Birds-Sky abbreviated.

Gate-Birds-Sky places you in the role of Illia Ericcson, "a former agent of Section 31, the Federation's most secret intelligence agency. Illia's final mission proves to be her most dangerous one yet, as she faces impossible opposition in Romulan space." Forum member Tempest estimates that the mission takes 4 hours to complete.

Gate-Birds-Sky is a completely open-source mod with all source files from the script to maps available. Hazard Modding has already modified some of the source files to create a small patch that fixes a few map glitches. See this forum thread for more details and download links.