Sin Bug FAQ    compiled by Hexagon  

11-22: Most, if not all problems stated here can be fixed by applying the Sin 1.01 patch, hence that this FAQ will not be updated anymore. Please get it if the version from your CD is 1.0


1. Dudes, you have to fix this !)@#!)

Sorry, but we didn't create this game, we cannot fix anything.

2. I don't get any sound on my SB Live!

Your SB Live! is trying to emulate A3D, and fails miserably. To fix this, go to the console (~ key), type "disable_a3d" (no quotes) followed by "snd_restart". You should be able to hear sounds now.

3. I have to reset my configuration every time, why doesnt the game save it? / I can't save my games!

Make sure that you run Sin from the shortcut in the program files/sin menu. The autoplay screen won't run the game correctly. - Sean Dunn.

4. My "insert-3D-card-of-choice-here" doesn't work with Sin, wtf is up with that?

Make sure you have the latest drivers from the company who makes your card.

5. SiN locks after level X..I think

It doesn't. Some levels just need a long time to load. Wait, and it'll continue loading.

6. I can't get 1024x768 on my Vooodoo 2 SLI setup when I select it

Select 1152x864, and it should go to 1024x768 - BluesNews

7. When I die and start again, the level takes quite long to load, while I already loaded it :(

Type the following commands in the console (~ key to get to it) "developer 1" (no quotes) followed by "set flushmap 0". You wont see the statusbar, but it IS loading. It will speed up loading time considerably.

8. When I load my save games, SiN crashes with the error "FS_0 bytes read 0".

This is possible when you're running low on harddrive space. Currently save games can be huge. This will be fixed in the upcoming patch.

9. Verdammt nochmal, meine Kopie von SiN enthaelt kein Blut!

To get the gore and blood back in your German copy of SiN, pull down the console (~) and type "parentmode 0" (dont use quotes) and restart the level. There you go :)

More Q&A's will be posted as they come in.