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Sincest Features

Sincest is designed for for people settings up a server, for LAN games (servers and clients) and for single players trying out mods & maps. It can be used to play online, but GameSpy is much better suited than Sincest.

Some of Sincest many features are:

  • Support for an unlimited number of mods.
  • Automatically lists all maps you have, including those in pak files and allows you to easily select them to start a game on. The maps list has built in auto-complete and can be optionally sorted.
  • Maps can be deleted or renamed by Sincest (excluding those in pak files), useful when trying out new maps and finding out that they suck.
  • Allows you to easily start you own SiN server (dedicated or listen) by selecting your settings from the easy to use, yet powerful user interface.
  • You can also use Sincest to connect to a server and to start a single player game.
  • The last five servers that you connected to will stored in the drop down combo list.
  • The ability to save the current settings to an Sincest profile that can be loaded back in whenever you want be Sincest, Windows Explorer and TecTray.
  • If you right click on an Sincest profile in explorer, you also have the option to start SiN immediately and the option to first select a map then launch SiN, both without going through the main Sincest interface.
  • Address book, with up to 128 entries, that lets you enter a descriptive name for a server address and easily connect to it.
  • Extensive list of command line options so you can add you own options to Sincest profiles to suite your needs.
  • You can view the command line that will be sent to SiN before it is launched and manually edit it, you also have the ability to edit the server.cfg file manually before SiN is launched.
  • You can add anything you want to the command line that will be used to launch SiN via the additional command line parameters section of Sincest. The last five extra command line switches you added will be in the drop down list.
  • A popup menu containing command commands that you can be added to command line (including a +exec menu that lists all config files), and a popup menu that you can customise with your own settings.
  • All config files (*.cfg) in 'base' and the current mod directory (including those in a 'configs' sub-dir) are listed in a popup menu and can be opened with the associated program for editing.
  • The ability to create a new config in either 'base' or the current mod directory and having the option to add "exec <config file>" to the autoexec.cfg in the same directory.
  • Right clicking on 'about' will show a list of document files in the current mod dir (*.txt, *.doc, *.html, *.htm) that can opened in the associated program. Making trying out new mods easier.
  • All settings are saved to the registry when Sincest is closed and loaded back in when it starts.