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Don't forget to check SiNPost for tournament updates and other things.


What a match. It took four games until the winner of Smeggers of Doom VS. Legion of Knights was determined. Most of them were *very* close, but Frightener managed to win the round in the end. Congrats to Fright and to Rumblefish and TheDarthJedi as well for being good sports and showing up on time ;). See you in the finals, Fright.


I updated the tourney schedule with the time for the semis and the final, so head on over there and check them out. If we have no problems, the tourney will be through this weekend.


Ah, I'm back from Eł, so here we go.
The Playing Times page has been updated. Please note that I altered/added some rules.


Frightener takes on the Asian Creation...and wins both games as you can see below:

AsianvsLoK01.gif (5613 Byte)AsianvsLoK02.gif (7623 Byte)

You can grab the demo here.


Long time no news. You can view the updated tourney schedule for the second round here. It should be through this weekend, so that the semifinals will start next weekend.


No Soup For You beats Cani D'Assalto due to partial no-show.

Smeggers Of Doom beats Psycho-Circus. Results are here and here, demos here and here.

The Asian Creation beats Modem + DSL = We Rule due to no-show.


The playing times are now posted here. Check out your time and contact me if there are problems with it.


The pools and playing times are now up here.

Kick the Levelord Around [taken from Ritualistic]:

Levelord will play tomorrow at 4PM Central Time, that is 1PM Pacific time, 5PM EST and 10PM GMT. For European players, Levelord will also play on Saturday at 10AM CST, which is 4PM GMT. There will also be an alcohol-induced Sunday game at 2PM CST (again add 6 hours for GMT). It will be played on the Ritual server to give Levelord that all important ping advantage ;) Other tribesmen might be playing too.


Pictures of the prizes are up in this thread at the Ritualistic forums.


We have the prizes for the tournament:

  • Winning team: A signed copy of SiN and Wages of SiN for each player.

  • 2nd place: An official SiN T-shirt signed by Levelord for each player.

Thanks go out to Levelord for the copies of SiN and the shirts and to 2015 for the copies of WoS.

The tournament will officially start on March 10th. The special Levelord events will be on March 11th and 12th (exact times will be announced later). Sign up today to play some deathmatch with Ritual's Mr Assault Rifle Bunny.

As for the prize(s), I'm waiting for an answer from 2015, before I will announce anything, but expect to see something soon.


Here's a small update on the tourney:

  • all games will be on weekends or Friday nights
  • the tourney will take place in March (around 10th perhaps)
  • there will be a cool prize (will be announced soon)
  • Levelord will play in the tourney as a celebrity.
    There will be some special games, where the registered players can play a game of deathmatch or three with him.
    Those Kick the Levelord Around games will be announced soon enough, so that all of you registered guys (and girls) get your chance to slap him around

    If you don't have a partner, you can still sign up for the Partners Wanted list. Perhaps you will find your partner this way .


Strabo[DaB] is putting together a skin pack for the tourney. So if you registered, send him your skins, so he can include it in the pack.


kAmALA has a server running WoS Deathmatch (teams by model) up at It's running both the 2015dmX maps that come with the game and some user made maps that you can grab either from Ritualistic or SiNpost.


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