Last update Jan,13 2001

Make all your skins available in FAKK2 at once

By Nooner

For beginners, I'll make this as explicit as possible but you must know how to use Winzip and Notepad and how to create new folders. This method will not replace Julie's 5 default outfits.

1. Extract tiki files for templates.

Use Winzip to open pak0.pk3 which can be found in your Heavy Metal Ė FAKK2/fakk folder. Extract a copy of julie.tik, julie_battle.tik, julie_leather.tik, julie_swamp.tik, and julie_torn.tik to use as templates. 

2. Extract the .ftx files for your skin.

For this tutorial, look for a pair of julie2_skin4.ftx and a pair of julie3_skin4.ftx files in the pak0.pk3 file. Extract the ones from the "original tga's" folder. Normally you would extract one to three .ftx files from your downloaded skin (usually a .pk3 zip file, for example: user1.pk3).

3. Rename your extracted files to something unique.

Rename the files we just extracted: julie2_skin4.ftx to "early_swamp2.ftx" and julie3_skin4.ftx to "early_swamp3.ftx". Use a unique, descriptive name for each skin and use the julie number in the name to differentiate which part of the skin it is (julie1-waist down, julie2-upper torso, julie3-head). 

4. Copy and rename a tiki file.

Make a copy of a tiki file to use as a template. In this case, we will use julie_swamp.tik because that is the one that would normally be used (skin1-julie, skin2-julie_torn, skin3-julie_battle, skin4-julie_swamp, skin5-julie_leather). Rename the copy to "early_swamp.tik" for our example.

5. Edit your tiki file.

Use Notepad to edit your tiki file, replace each .tga entry with the name of the corresponding .ftx file you renamed in step3. For this example, open early_swamp.tik for editing. Everywhere it says julie2_skin4.tga, change it to "early_swamp2.tga" (should be 3 changes). Change julie3_skin4.tga to "early_swamp3.tga" (2 changes). We'll use the default julie_swamp bottom half so don't change julie1_skin4.tga. Itís important to retain the .tga extension even though our files have a .ftx extension. Save and exit Notepad.

6. Create the path "models/players/newjulie". 

To make it as simple as possible, create a new folder on your C: drive and name it "models". Create another new folder named "players" inside the models folder and a new "newjulie" folder inside the players folder. These new folders must be named exactly as I have described here.

7. Move your skin files.

Move your tiki file (ourís is early_swamp.tik) into the models folder created earlier. Move your ftx files (ourís are early_swamp2.ftx and early_swamp3.ftx) to the newjulie folder.

8. Create a zip file to store your skins.

Create a new zip file with Winzip and name it "skins.pk3" for our example. Make sure you save extra folder or path info with your files. Add our 3 new files (early_swamp.tik, early_swamp2.ftx, and early_swamp3.ftx). Close Winzip. Any name will do for your zip file as long as it is alphabetically greater than pak2 with a .pk3 extension (i.e. begins with q-z).

9. Move your zip file.

Move your zip file (our example:. skins.pk3) to your "Heavy Metal - FAKK2/fakk" folder.

10. Add more skins.

Skip to step18 if you are done adding skins.

11. Extract the .ftx files for your skin.

See step 2.

12. Rename your extracted files to something unique.

See step 3.

13. Copy and rename a tiki file.

See step 4.

14. Edit your tiki file.

See step 5.

15. Move your skin files.

See step 7.

16. Place your skin files in a pk3 file.

You can create a separate pk3 for each skin but I recommend putting them all in the same one. For our example, open skins.pk3 in Winzip and add your .tik and .ftx files. Donít forget to save the path with your files.

17. Add more skins.

Repeat steps 11 through 16 for any other skin you wish to add.

18. Display your new skin.

Your new skins do not replace any of Julieís default outfits so you have to manually display them. Start FAKK2. Drop the console and enter "script $player model early_swamp.tik", and voila, you have a new earlier version of Julie's swamp outfit. And, best of all, you still have Julie's 5 default outfits available. Substitute early_swamp.tik with the name of which ever skin you wish to display.

NOTES: In this case, we only used 2 of Julie's 3 skin textures which works fine if you don't change her default skins. However, you may want to always use all 3 skin textures just to avoid this problem. Or... copy and rename the common skin textures, zip them up, and point the tiki files to the renamed common textures. 

You can create a config script that changes skins with a single keypress, or download "player.cfg" from Aquatarkus Configs and edit it to show your own skins. Aqua was nice enough to host some other configs that I wrote.