Last update 24. Oct 2000


Official Editing Tools
The FAKK2 Editing Tools have been released. You can download them at FAKK YOU.

Skinview ver1.0
My homemade skin and animation viewer.
Download it here.


My own Modification-Kit and Tutorial
Since Stingray's site seems to be permanently down and I can't find his tutorial anymore and people keep asking for it, I decided to create my own Skinning Tutorial.

This is my first attempt at making a tutorial. So please forgive me if something seems to complicated. I tried to write it as simple as possible. Send your browser this way.

Make all your skins available in FAKK2 at once Created by Nooner
This tutorial explains how to create your own tiki files. So you don't have to 'overwrite' the existing skins. You can find it here.

Stingray's Modification-Kit and Tutorial - Back Online
You can find the Kit and the Tutorial at Stingrays Skinpage. He did a great job writing this tutorial. So there is no use for me to write my own. So check by his site and download it. I can't take credit for his work. Keep up the good work Stingray!