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Blade visits F.A.K.K.2

SkinNews Last updated January, 13th 2000

Jan, 13th 2001 Lots of news
New tutorial: 'Make all your skins available in FAKK2 at once' written by Nooner.
New site: Aquatarkus Configs has all F.A.K.K.2 configs you were waiting for.
Stingray's site reopened: Featuring a new mature skin. If you get caught using it. Don't tell you heard it from me.
Video preview of next skin: 
highres AVI in MPEG4 for fast machines
lowres MPEG for slower computers

Jan 3, 2001 Sin meets F.A.K.K.2
Thanks to P3xW, who mentioned to me, that he saw a model file called blade.tik in the pak0.pk3 file. When I heard this I started up my skinviewer, opened the console and spawned the Blade model. There are even some animations included. See for yourself and click on the image of the week.

13.Nov 2000 next skin preview
I found some time to continue work on my next skin. Check out the work in progress image. The skin needs a little bit more detail, boots and Julie's back aren't finished yet. Some feedback would be nice. Thanks.

7.Nov 2000 tutorial in PDF
Another month, no new skin yet. After some requests the skinning tutorial is now available in glorious PDF-format. Download the file here.

24.Oct 2000 skin viewer
The wait is over. Who am I fooling. Nobody has really been waiting for it. But for those who care. You can download my homebrew in game skin viewer in the tools section.

23.Oct 2000 hidden poses page 4 + 5
Finally the two last pages of the hidden poses.
Tomorrow I'll upload my skin and animation viewer.  It consist of the map and script I made to view skins and animations in the game. All the hidden poses shots were made this way. So send your browser back to this page on 24.Oct. 2000.


20.Oct 2000 hidden poses page 3
Here is the third page of hidden poses.

15.Oct 2000 skinning tutorial 
Since Stingray's site seems to be permanently down and I can't find his tutorial anymore and people keep asking for it, I decided to create my own Skinning Tutorial.

This is my first attempt at making a tutorial. So please forgive me if something seems to complicated. I tried to write it as simple as possible. Send your browser this way.

14.Oct 2000 content update 
Links updated. Guestbook finally works again and design now matches the rest of the site. So it would be nice if you could leave a message there. Critics and congratulations welcome.

Skin authors listen up. If you want to get your skins hosted drop me a mail.

12.Oct 2000 new skin 
I found a new skin in the forum. It's called 'Indiana Julie'. Based on the old Julie model, seen in early FAKK2 screenshots. The name of the skinner: Hummer6606 Click on the picture and see for yourself.

12.Oct 2000 hidden poses page 2
Sorry for the lack of updates, but a new term at my local universty started and I had to attend a lot of new courses. I don't need to tell you that I'm quiet bad at time-managment. Today I bring you the second page of hidden poses. Just click on the second picture below.

30.Sep 2000 hidden poses page 1
September  is coming to its end and I bring you as some of the promised hidden poses pictures. More to come during the next weeks. Enjoy!

29.Sep 2000 new host
This site is now hosted at FAKK YOU! I'm glad to be a small part of their site. 
Thanks guys!!!

SkinNews are slow this week. Seems like I have to start work on my next skin. Maybe I'll slap up some pictures of all the hidden poses Julie has to offer in her PAK-file. You can find some in this forumpost. Posted by IlIIllllI1.

Feel free to email me if you have some news about skinning, editing or things regarding this site. I hope there're no problems viewing these pages. If you run into any troubles make sure to drop me a line.

22.Sep 2000 new logo
I've designed a new logo. Now you know from the very first moment you open this page what you are dealing with. I hope everybody likes the new one. If you disagree. Go to skinners hell. :-) If you don't see it, try 'shift-click on reload'. That should purge the old logo out of your cache.

19.Sep 2000 image of the week
Added the 'Image of the week' section. Send me pictures of new skins and I will post them in this section. I want you to keep informed about new skins coming out. Not just skins created by myself. Maybe this site will evolve into a skin archive for F.A.K.K. 2!!!

16.Sep 2000 new face for Julie
I updated Julies new face. Now there is no problem when Julie starts to talk. Her mouth is now in the correct position.

15.Sep 2000 skins recompiled
I recompiled my two skins with the new tools and added a new face for Julie. The skins look good now even in 16-BIT. The colour-banding is gone thanks to the official Editing Tools. Both skins are in one zip-file. You can download it in the SKINS section.

15.Sep 2000 editing tools released
The FAKK2 Editing Tools have been released. You can download them at FAKK YOU.

12.Sep 2000 skin update
Torn Suit skin updated. I edited the red stockings to give them a more decayed look. I also changed the arms to suit the rest of the skin better. Download the file in the SKINS section.

12.Sep 2000 content updated
Links updated!
One new skin page and the first editing page.

12.Sep 2000 new content
Added Guestbookand Tools section.
If someone has a suggestions for my next skin, feel free to leave a note in the Guestbook.


11.Sep 2000 new skin
New skin uploaded. Called Torn Suit. You can find it in the SKIN section.

19.Aug 2000 first skin
First skin uploaded. You have guessed it. It's a nude skin.

18.Aug 2000 grand opening
Site opened.